Blurb’s new Color Management Resource Center is online.

You’ll find video tips for using Blurb ICC profiles, using BookSmart, and making Blurb books from PDFs.
It’s part of Blurb’s continuing commitment to advance print on demand quality.

Catch my Blurb seminar at Palm Springs Photo Festival – March 31.

Find my Blurb book Antarctica here.

Provide universal access to all knowledge. Is it possible? It is.


Iceland’s got fantastic eruptions going on right now.

With four active volcanoes ready to blow this could be the beginning of something much larger.

This prelude is dramatic enough.

See video footage here.

Find out about my August Iceland workshop here.


Lightroom 3 (now in public beta) offers a lot of great improvements.
As an upgrade, it’ll be a must.
Want to get ready for the next version of Lightroom? NAPP offers 9 online video training sessions on the new Lightroom 3 Beta.

The New Import
Web Publishing
Improved Vignettes
Improved Noise
New Grain Effect
Develop Enhancements
Slideshow Improvements
Custom Printing

Plus there’s an interview with Lightroom Sr Product manager Tom Hogarty.

View them here.
Download Lightroom 3 Beta here at Adobe Labs.


The image above graphs Blurb’s ICC profile inside sRGB.

Graph Blurb’s new ICC profile and you’ll find something interesting. Blurb’s printers exceed SWOP (standard web offset presses) and they exceed sRGB in cool blues and yellows. What this means is you’ll get the most saturated color if you convert your Adobe RGB 1998 or ProPhoto RGB files into the Blurb color space rather than into sRGB. (Note you won’t get this is you convert sRGB files to the Blurb color space because you’ve permanently lost some saturation by going to sRGB first.)

The image below graphs SWOP inside Blurb’s ICC profile.


Find my Blurb book Antarctica here.

Catch my Blurb seminar at Palm Springs Photo Festival – March 31.

Learn more in my Fine Art Digital Printing Workshops.

The new edition of my Blurb book Antarctica is online now. Same 100 images as the 2nd edition. Lots more text; Voyages, Facts, Climate Change, Disclosure of Practices, and more.

You can find it here.

Catch my Blurb seminar at Palm Springs Photo Festival – March 31.

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