Seth Resnick's 19 Favorite Quotes

Seth Resnick shares his favorite quotes.
This one’s my favorite from his selection.

“When two dogs fight for a bone , a third dog runs away with it.” – My Father 

Which one is your favorite?

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The Common Structure Of The Greatest Communicators – Nancy Duarte

“In this fascinating talk Nancy Duarte explains the model that she developed for designing transformative presentations. She explains the essential qualities of an excellent presentation by analyzing the speeches of Martin Luther King and Steve Jobs. She reminds us that the only way to spread important ideas is to make sure that one is communicating his or her ideas effectively using strong presentation skills.”
I highly recommend Nancy Duarte’s books Slideology and Resonate.
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NAPP's Lightroom 4 Launch Center Is Live

You’ll find 12 helpful videos to inform you about Lightroom’s latest evolution at NAPP’s Adobe Lightroom 4 Lightroom Launch Center.
Topics covered include … Video – Photobooks – Maps – Enhancements – Develop – Print Module – Softproofing – Selective – DNG – Email … and more.
It’s all free!
As always, Kelby and Koslowski make learning easy and fun.
View them here.
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Get Lightroom 4 / ACR 6.7 Now

Adobe Lightroom 4 is now available.
It’s a must upgrade. There are lots of reasons to upgrade. But you only need one, it will improve shadow and highlight rendition for every image you process with it.
If you haven’t bought Lightroom major price drops make now an ideal time.
Find out more about Lightroom 4  here.
ACR 6.7 is available free for download now.
It’s required for full compatibility between LR4 and PS CS5.
It’s also the first to support Raw files from Canon’s 5D MKIII.

What It's Like To Be On Location With Me At Arches & Canyonlands National Park

Watch this video and you’ll get the sense of what it’s like to be on location with me during my Arches digital photography workshop. Plus you’ll hear two tips; one on light (search the boundaries between light and shadow) and another on composition (use frames within frames).
Find out more about my Arches Digital Photography workshop here.
Learn more about my digital photography workshops here.