Spain & Portugal – Ocean Spires & Arches





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Our Locations

It’s surprising how many people don’t know how gorgeous Spain’s coast is! It’s not just the weather and the sand and the sun. It’s also the tidepools, the islands, the rocky outcrops, the cliffs, the columns, the blowholes, the waterfalls, the caves, and the arches. Some of these fabulous forms have to be seen to be believed, which just adds to the many reasons this region of the world is a must see. The food is delicious! Fresh fish, tapas, and wine are just the starters. Focusing on the ocean at sunrise and sunset, we’ll share a wonderful journey starting in Bilbao and traveling through Santago de Compostella before arriving in Lisbon.

Plus, you’ll see it through each other’s eyes in our frequent seminars.

We strongly recommend spending extra time before and/or after the workshop to explore Spain’s magnificent historical cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Toledo, and Cordoba.

Our Itinerary

10 Days / 10 Nights


Day 1 – BILBAO
Late Afternoon  Seminar
Welcome Dinner
Day 2 – BILBAO 
Sunrise at Zumaya Beach
Sunset at Barrika beach.

Day 3 – Bibao – Cudillero
Sunrise at Playa De Arnia
Visit the Altamira Museum (prehistoric cave paintings)
Sunset at Playa De Campiecho
Day 4 – Cudillero
Sunrise at Playa De Las Catedrales
Sunset at Playa de Gueirúa

Day 5 – Cudillero To Ribadeo
Sunrise at Playa de Portizuelo
Sunset at Playa De Las Catedrales

Day 6 – Ribadeo to Porto
Visit Santiago De Compostella
Visit Porto

Day 7 – Porto to Lagos
Visit Porto
One On One Reviews
Afternoon Ponte De Piedade, Lagos

Day 8 – Lagos
Sunrise boat cruise of Lagos coastline
Sunset boat cruise of Lagos coastline

Day 9 – Lagos
Sunrise boat cruise of Lagos coastline
Afternoon Playa De Mirinha

Day 10 – Lagos
Morning Free Time
Afternoon Final Reviews
Evening Farewell Cocktails & Dinner

Day 11 – Lagos to Lisbon
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