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We all learn a lot from each other.

Artsy has featured a number of useful lessons that can be learned from great artists.

Think of this less about learning to be an artist and more about learning to be more creative.

You’re sure to learn something useful in these six posts.

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How to Be an Artist, According to Louise Bourgeois

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How to Be an Artist, According to Paul Klee

Remember, superstition is optional – but just for fun check out the strange superstitions of great artists.

The Superstitious Rituals of Highly Creative People, from Salvador Dalí to Yoko Ono

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Josef Albers


Andy Goldsworthy offers a glimpse into his world, mind, and creative process.

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Andy Goldsworthy considers his sculptures collaborations with nature.

It’s Goldsworthy’s pieces that don’t persist that impress me most. Why? It’s not because they reverse traditional expectations, that through art an individual and culture achieves extended longevity if not immortality. It’s because Goldsworthy is free to interact with and interpret the landscape without removing this possibility for us. In many ways, his work is an invitation for all of us to participate with land in a similar spirit on our own terms.

I appreciate the irony that a majority of us see most of his work through photographs. In this respect an argument can be made that his primary medium is photography. Even if we have had direct experience with his work, our photographic experience of his work is more persistent. Over time, does the second-hand experience supersede the primary one? He’s managed to use two mediums to complement and comment on each other, while shedding light on our relationships to land and our own identities.

All of these are sentiments I resonate with strongly. What’s more, I might have framed my self-identity more narrowly as a photographer only were it not for the inspiration of artists like Andy Goldsworthy.

Who are your influences and what do they mean to you?

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