6 Great Artists Show You How To Be An Artist


Georgia O’Keeffe

We all learn a lot from each other.
Artsy has featured a number of useful lessons that can be learned from great artists.
Think of this less about learning to be an artist and more about learning to be more creative.
You’re sure to learn something useful in these six posts.
5 Lessons Creatives Can Learn from Andy Goldsworthy
How to Be an Artist, According to Georgia O’Keeffe
How to Be an Artist, According to Louise Bourgeois
How to Be an Artist, According to Wassily Kandinsky
How to Be an Artist, According to Josef Albers
How to Be an Artist, According to Paul Klee
Remember, superstition is optional – but just for fun check out the strange superstitions of great artists.
The Superstitious Rituals of Highly Creative People, from Salvador Dalí to Yoko Ono
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Josef Albers



  • Michael Lee

    23.04.2018 at 08:57 Reply

    Thank you for the newsletter I see this months featured photograph is of Georgia Okeefe. Being a photographer I’d rather hear Alfred Stiglitz and his idea of being an artist.

  • donna winters

    23.04.2018 at 15:18 Reply

    Thank you John for your newsletters – I find them enjoyable and informational too. I just wanted to respond that over the years of being a photographer (always a process in learning) I have found Georgia O’Keefe’s work to be inspirational and informative. I have numerous books of photographers work as well as painters etc. (including O’Keefe). Both photographers and other artists have provided endless learning opportunities for me on how to “see”, use color and light, and the art of expression. They’ve provided food for thought, interpretation, and lessons in the technical aspects of photography. I once tried to recreate a Matisse still life just to try and understand light and what he was looking at. This of course is my personal experience and opinion of course :). My response is not in any way meant to be argumentative, just another thought and input to discussion 🙂

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