Arthur Meyerson shares his favorite quotes.

This one’s my favorite from his selection.

” … you’re either defined by the medium or you redefine the medium in terms of your needs.”  – Duane Michals  

Which is your favorite?

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After a whirlwind tour of Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina and Torres Del Paine, Chile, Seth Resnick, Eric Meola, Arthur Meyerson and I are finally on our way home from our recent Antarctica voyage. (Check my Google+ , Twitter, or Facebook streams for a collection of quotes on travel and home.)

We’re all still dreaming of Antarctica. Whether for the first time (Arthur and Eric) or for the fourth time (Seth and I) Antarctica touched us all very deeply. We all had unique experiences. We all made compelling images in our own unique ways. And we were able to share the experience together. And yet, no matter how hard we try to put those experiences into words, something about the place defies description. Antarctica is a profoundly mysterious place. Antarctica is so exotic that when you’re there you often feels like you’ve visited another planet.

Here are a few quick thoughts from each of us.

“I saw deeper shades of blue than I’ve ever seen before. And I was able to get closer to it and find more dramatic angles than ever before. Every time we go back there are new surprises to discover.”  – Seth Resnick

“Antarctica was the fulfillment of a life time dream … the magical mystery tour. The light, the landscape, the color blue – otherworldly. I have never experienced anything like this before. I felt as though I was on another planet.” – Arthur Meyerson

“What impressed me most about Antarctica was the silence. I’ve never been anywhere as spiritual. Most places are spiritual because of their religion. This was a place that is spiritual because of its natural beauty. I sensed that everyone around me felt the same way. Although photographers become mesmerized by their subjects, for the first time I sensed that the spirituality of the place affected them very deeply. All of us were absorbing the beauty around us.” – Eric Meola

“Antarctica is never the same twice. It’s like a mirage that never fades. It seems simultaneously eternal and ephemeral. It’s as if spirit took shape – and when you got there you get to touch it, immerse yourself in it, and take it into you. You cannot go to Antarctica and return unchanged.” – John Paul Caponigro

Digital Photo Destinations is planning a new Antarctica workshop voyage for 2013.

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Arthur Meyerson provides quick candid answers to 20 questions.

What’s the best thing about photography?

Taught me how to “see”.

What’s the worst thing about photography?

We are inundated with photographs… not enough vision.

What’s the best thing about gear?

Allows me to capture what I see

What’s the worst thing about gear?

Weight, cost and continually thinking I need to upgrade plus the never-ending conversation about gear

What was the most significant visual moment in your life?

I once had a dream in slide show form and each still image “came alive” becoming a dream within a dream.

Which was the most important image to you that got away?

Spending a day with Cartier-Bresson and NOT photographing him.

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Digital Photo Destinations announces a new workshop exploring the highlights of Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, South America.

4 world-class photographers guide this adventure. Leaders John Paul Caponigro and Seth Resnick will be accompanied by Eric Meola and Arthur Meyerson.

Experience sunset on the Perito Moreno Glacier, the coast of Lake Argentino, Brazo Rico and the Iceberg Channel and all that is just on day 1.

We will also have a full day boat tour in Los Glaciares National Park where we will see the North wall of the Perito Moreno Glacier, the Upsala Glacier, Spegazzini Glacier and Los Tempanos (Icebergs) Channel.

Additional photography sessions include the Grey Glacier, Big Fall, Nordenskjold Lake and Paine River Fall with spectacular views of French Valley, Paine Grande Massif and The Horns and a trip to visit the Blue Lagoon with absolutely magical color.

One of the highlights of this trip will be several trips trekking on glaciers.

Visit Digital Photo Destinations for more information.

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