What’s Unique About B&W

December 31, 2009 | 2 Comments |

Learn what’s unique about black & white and how to best adjust and print it.

Here’s a short excerpt from my DVD.

Learn more in my DVD Black & White Mastery.
Learn more in my Fine Art Digital Printing workshops.


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Watch these excerpts from my R/Evolution DVD series.

6 Simple Steps to Good Color Management
The Art of Proofing
Photoshop Color Tools
Photoshop Color Strategies
Black & White Mastery
Drawing With Light – 21st Century Dodging & Burning
Atmospheric FX

Stay tuned for more from my 3 new DVDs,

Fine Art Digital Printing
Fine Art Workflow
Extending Dynamic Range – HDR. Imaging

Learn more in my R/Evolution DVD series.
Learn more proofing techniques in my Fine Art Digital Printing Workshops.


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