Color doesn’t exist out there. Color is produced inside us. Color is the human response to vibrations in a narrow part of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Color is an event. In any color event you need a light source and an observer – and often an object that reflects the light perceived. There is no color without an observer – just energetic vibrations.


Our perception of color is complex; part physical, part biological, part psychological. Understanding more about our different responses to color and how they interact helps visual artists be more visually sensitive observers and more effective communicators.

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Chromoscope shows you the night sky in multiple wavelengths online.
Watch the tour of features above.
Find more information/images at Chromoscope.

I love this kind of photography. It reminds me that what I see and record is only a very limited slice from a single perspective and moment in time of a much richer world. Technology and community both help me see more diverse perspectives, enlarging my own. You share, I grow. Hopefully it works the other way around too.


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