Color Theory

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Understanding color theory will help you appreciate and make more effective color choices.


Describing Color


The Best Books On Color Theory
Deepen your appreciation and understanding of color with these books.

What Is Color Theory ? | Download
Here are the essentials on which you can base your conceptual foundation of color.

All The Words Of The Rainbow
Find the words to describe that color or figure out what that word means.

3 Types of Color

3 Elements of Color

Luminosity – Lightness | Coming

Saturation – Intensity

Hue – Color Temperature

Atmospheric Perspective

Day For Night


The Weight Of Color

Transparency & Translucency

Simultaneous Contrast

Proportion | Coming


Color Wheels


A Brief History Of The Color Wheel

Why Photographers’ And Painters’ Color Wheels Differ

How To Use Color Wheels | Coming

Graphing Color

Color Analysis


Going To The Movies


What In The World Is Color Grading?

How Classic Movies Use Color To Tell Compelling Stories

10 Best Uses Of Color In Movies

Understanding Wes Anderson’s Unforgettable Color Palettes In 10 Movies

4 Movies That Showcase Zhang Yimou’s Brilliant Use Of One Color Dominance

8 Movies That Use Day For Night Beautifully

How To Decode Color  In Christopher Nolan’s Amazing Movie Inception

7 Movies That Mix Black & White And Color Brilliantly

The 25 Most Beautiful Black-And-White Movies


Color Palettes


An Artist’s Palette | Download
One of the most distinctive things about an artist’s work is his or her use of color.

One Strategy For Creating Many Successful Color Palettes
Most successful palettes do this one thing.

How To Find The Infinite Color Possibilities One Image Contains
The possibilities seem limitless. Explore your options before you commit to a solution.

Why B&W And Color Don’t Mix
They’re two different realities; unless you use them as a code for that, present them separately.

B&W Palettes | Download
Here are a few examples of black and white palettes drawn from the history of photographic practice.

B&W Expanding The Definition | Download
What is a black and white image?

Palette – Light | Coming

Palette – Medium | Coming

Palette – Dark | Coming

Palette – Low Contrast | Coming

Palette – High Contrast | Coming

Palette – Spotlit | Coming

Palette – Ideal | Coming

Palette – Ambient | Coming

Palette – Synthetic | Coming

Palette – Super Saturated | Coming

Palette – Pastel | Coming

Palette – Semi-Neutral | Coming

Palette – Neutral | Coming

Palette – Monochromatic | Coming

The Colors Of The Seasons | Coming

The Colors Of A Place | Coming

Day For Night


Ways To Improve Your Color Perception


Check For Color Blindness

Take The X-Rite ColorIQ Challenge

Play The Game – I Love Hue

Exercise – Memory
| Coming

Exercise – After Image | Coming

Exercise – Transparency | Coming

Exercise – Intervals | Coming

Exercise – Simultaneous Contrast 3=4  | Coming

Exercise – Simultaneous Contrast 4=2 | Coming

Exercise – Optically Neutral  | Coming

Exercise – Analysis  | Coming





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