Listening to the Land

When was the last time you were truly inspired something you read?
When was the last time you found inspiration for you work when you weren’t working?
You know those times when you stumble on a book suddenly that has such a sympathetic viewpoint to your own that you instantly pick it up and devour it? It happened to me yesterday. In a coffee shop, on a much needed day off, I found one – Listening to the Land.  (Coincidence, Synchronicity, or Sympathetic Vibration? This summer I wrote a short statement called The World is Speaking. Read my Statements here.) Listening to the Land is a very interesting collection of interviews with Derrick Jensen. “In this far-ranging and heartening collection Derrick Jensen gathers conversations with environmentalists, theologians, Native Americans, psychologists, and feminists, engaging some of our best minds in an exploration of more peaceful ways to live on Earth.” What drew me in instantly was Terry Tempest Williams’ discussion of the erotic in reference to environment. Here are some excerpts.
“Erotic is what those deep relationships are and can be that engage the whole body – our heart, our mind, our spirit, our flesh. It is that moment of being exquisitely present. Read More

My Top 12 Images Of 2001

Condensation II - Prelude

Condensation Prelude in Gray II

Condensation III - Prelude

Condensation Prelude in Gray III

Condensation IV - Prelude

Condensation Prelude in Gray IV

Correspondence - Nocturne in Blue - VIIB

Correspondence Nocturne in Blue VII-B

Correspondence VIIA - Sonata

Correspondence Sonata in Blue VII-A

Glory I

Glory I

Intermezzo II

Intermezzo II

Oriental II

Oriental II

Reflection XII Adagio

Reflection XII – Adagio

Resonance in Blue and Gold IA

Resonance in Blue and Gold I-A

Resonance in Red and Gold IA

Resonance in Red and Gold I-A

Sounding I

Sounding I

Sounding II

Sounding II

Sounding VII

Sounding VII

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