Alumnus Harry Sandler Joins OnStage Magazine

OnStage Magazine is proud to announce that veteran tour manager/photographer Harry Sandler has come on board as our Director of Photography. Harry brings a wealth of musical history to the table, and we are certain that this partnership will help us develop the magazine in new and exciting ways. Harry plans to contribute both published and unpublished photos from his time in New York during the late 60’s early 70’s right up to the present day. Together with our writers, he will also recount his experiences working with some of the top talent in the music industry.

Exhibit – Harry Sandler and Barbara Ventura

“Allusions of Reality’ is clearly a seminal moment in my personal process. I have always been attracted to craft and a multitude of technical abilities, and, at the same time have always felt that I had the sensibility of an innocent. These were difficult to balance with my painting and photography and I struggled, like most do.  ‘Allusions’ for me is the meeting of form and substance, and, for the first time, I am able to express myself both as a photographer and a painter, with no line of demarcation in between.
To those who have come to realize that life’s journey is really about the discovery of who we are, as well as the exquisite expression of our true nature, I have the pleasure of sharing, through these images an inexpressible sense of unfolding oneness and wholeness represented through nature’s wisdom and beauty in the orchid.??As the observer engages (connects with) the photograph, through a seeing eye and a sensitive heart, a sense of inward reflection allows an opening to the depths of self as is well exemplified in the gentle exposure of a tender flower in a free exhibition of itself.??Unfolding from within and displayed in their magnificent array, the images warmly entreat a careful consideration of the flowering of human consciousness and invite an understanding of the magnificent dance of life between Creator and Creation.
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Harry Sandler's New Book – iPhone Antics

“My personal exploration of the IPhone and it’s relevant applications stated 18 months ago. Since that time, wherever I am in the world, the phone is always with me – a camera and darkroom in my pocket. I really enjoy having the ability to capture, process, and share an image instantly from anywhere in the world – not to mention the applications for sunrise, sunset, position of light and various other pieces of information specific to photographers out on the road. The IPhone is an instant feedback and a visual record that helps us expand how we think about our images. It’s a valuable creative tool for any photographer.”
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Sandler and Graham Place in iPhone Contest

My Alumni and I have been having a lot of fun with our iPhones.
Harry Sandler won one of 10 Wacom Tablet Winners.
Jim Graham won one of 25 Apple App Store Gift Cards.
I won one of 30 Adorama Gift Cards.
Harry alternates between his PhaseOne P65 and his iPhone.
Jim alternates between his Nikon D3X and his iPhone.
I alternate between my Canon 1DS MKIII and my iPhone.
See the pattern?
It’s hysterical to see Harry doing HDR panoramas with his iPhone propped on top of his Phase back. You’ve got to be careful telling jokes around Jim because they’re liable to be posted as video shortly afterwards. I put words in their mouths and thoughts in their heads with comic apps. We’re laughing all the time.
See all the winners here.
Stay tuned for news on my upcoming iPhone workshop.

Images From Death Valley Workshop

Here are some first pass image selects from my recent Death Valley workshop. They won’t all make the cut, so this may be the only time anyone will ever see some of them. I’m really excited about the material I collected for composites.
We had such great locations, weather, and participants that I scheduled my Death Valley February 18-21, 2011 workshop today.
Find out more about locations in the Death Valley map we’re building right now.
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Harry Sandler – The Fine Digital Print Expert Workshop Finding Your Voice

(The above images are after and before.)
This is just one of the many reasons to teach. You make a real difference for some really great people. Harry Sandler had a breakthrough last week. He connected emotionally and intellectually to the work he was doing with a level of clarity he hadn’t achieved before. It’s given him a better sense of himself, the reasons he does the work he does, and how to approach both his old and new work. Mastering any tool (especially Photoshop) means more than knowing how to use it; it means knowing how to apply it to achieve specific results. To achieve those, you first have to know what you want to achieve – and why.
Here’s the letter Harry sent me after he left the workshop.
“John Paul,
First of all many thanks for a wonderful experience at your Fine Digital Print Expert workshop – it far outweighed my expectations. I am most appreciative of how technical information was balanced with the idea of discovering one’s artistic voice.
Having dabbled in imagery for most of my life without ever fully realizing what moved and in turn motivated me I enjoyed being pushed a bit toward finding a technical solution to being able to express myself physically, a breakthrough, albeit just a start, that happened on the third day of the workshop.
When asked to stretch the limits of one image (an image that we felt to be a cornerstone for a body of work) by taking it in various directions I had an epiphany of expression within myself. In particular it would appear that I connected this photo (and the way it was printed) with some inner turmoil from my childhood that opened during this exercise, and, that sense of discovery continued after working on another file from the same body of work. The instant feedback from the print resonated deeply and appears to be the catalyst for moving farther down the road to more self-discovery.
A quote came to mind that evening while viewing the image: “Be still with yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence” – Minor White
PS: On my drive back on Saturday I also noticed myself drifting off into the cloudy sky noticing small shifts of saturation and color so maybe there is hope for this old time black and white brain of mine.
Harry Sandler”

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