Gotta love ’em!

Pay no attention to W C Fields.

Kids have the craziest ideas.
Maybe it’s because they have a lot of ideas.
We’ve all been there before.
We can be there again.
Idea generation is a natural ability that anyone can develop.

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Kids animate the world.

Can treating all of your subjects as living things make your relationship to them more interesting?

Can this make your images more interesting?

How many ways can you think of to do this?

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Portraits underwater anyone?
Everyone laughs a lot! Sometimes while underwater …
Kids do the craziest things! Do you?

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You know those stories your parents tell about you when you were a kid? They tell them so often you build up synthetic memories as you revisit them over and over again. My father often tells this story about me. “I knew the kid would be alright the day he came back from school with two drawings. ‘Look what the teacher made me do.’ Blue sky, green grass. ‘Now look what I did.’ Orange sky, purple grass.” Yesterday I asked my son “Do you want realistic or solarized color?” “Messed up!” was his response.

As adults, how often do we allow ourselves such creative freedom?

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Start with …
1 kid
1 adult
1 camera
1 copy of Photoshop


Mix …
3 Trash Cans
1 Tower
1 Olive Grove

Get …
What’s on your kid’s mind.
Robots anyone?

It can be challenging to be spontaneous with your primary creative medium.
Try enlisting a little help.
Want to be more childlike?
Spend more time with children.

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