Be More Childlike – Go Your Own Way

You know those stories your parents tell about you when you were a kid? They tell them so often you build up synthetic memories as you revisit them over and over again. My father often tells this story about me. “I knew the kid would be alright the day he came back from school with two drawings. ‘Look what the teacher made me do.’ Blue sky, green grass. ‘Now look what I did.’ Orange sky, purple grass.” Yesterday I asked my son “Do you want realistic or solarized color?” “Messed up!” was his response.
As adults, how often do we allow ourselves such creative freedom?
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Be More Childlike – Spend Time with Children

Start with …
1 kid
1 adult
1 camera
1 copy of Photoshop
Mix …
3 Trash Cans
1 Tower
1 Olive Grove
Get …
What’s on your kid’s mind.
Robots anyone?
It can be challenging to be spontaneous with your primary creative medium.
Try enlisting a little help.
Want to be more childlike?
Spend more time with children.
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Kids do the most creative things. My seven year old son asked for the big box my new Epson 9900 printer arrived in. He spent the next half hour quietly working in the gallery. Then he invited my wife to come have her picture made. He’d cut a small flap in one side of the box and put a seat on the inside, got a stack of blank cards, and a box of crayons. Led by the hand, she sat inside. He looked through the flap – and drew her portrait. On the outside of the box he wrote “photo booth”. We just don’t have the heart to take it down. We smile every time we look at it. Want to be more creative? Spend more time with kids. And spend more time being childlike.
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