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Adobe recently released Lightroom CC / 6.

Here’s a roundup of the current resources to help get you up to speed.

Check this post later as it will be updated as new resources become available.

1 – Find out about today’s new release at Adobe.

2 – Adobe’s Lightroom CC / Camera Raw 9 FAQ

3 – Adobe releases Camera Raw 9.

4 – Adobe’s Julianne Kost demos new Pano / HDR merges.

5 – Adobe’s Julianne Kost share tips and gems in LR CC.

6 – Kelby One’s free Lightroom CC Learning Center.

7 – Kelby One offers 15 new Lightroom online courses.

8 – offers Jan Kabili’s Running with LR 6.

9 – Derek Story’s free ebook – Pano & HDR in LRCC.

10 – Craft & Vision’s ebook LR 6 Up To Speed.

11 – Scott Kelby’s Lightroom CC book.

12 – David Marx’s Installation / Upgrade Videos
13 – Victoria Bampton’s LR CC Feature Roundup.
Check this post later for updates as new resources become available.

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