Packing & Shipping

Getting there. It’s important. How you do this is a sign of professionalism.
Imagine. Your work is great. Your prints are great. Your mats are great. Your frames are great.  Your presentation and follow up materials are great. But, you ship it all in a thin cardboard box that looks like it was put together by a serial killer. You use a cheap delivery service, so, after having gone missing for several days, your work arrives late. The damp remains smell like they’ve been chainsmoking and they look like they’ve been stepped on by an elephant. Everything is damaged – including your professional relationships and your reputation. After all the care you put into your work, it looks bad and so do you. You’ll have to absorb additional expenses. You just made more work for yourself and for the person receiving your work. Your exhibit is in now in a state of crisis. Your customer is dissatisfied. You may lose the opportunity or the sale you just made. What can you do to avoid this?
1 Pack your work professionally.
2 Use a professional shipping service.
Read the rest in the current issue of Photoshop User.
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H.E.L.P – 60 Second Video Tutorials on NAPP

During the keynote of NAPP announced a new free resource to members. H.E.L.P. –  60 second online video tutorials. Need to know how to do something in Photoshop quick? Log on. Go to NAPP. Select and watch a video tutorial. 60 seconds later, you’ve got answers. It’s very powerful. It’s another great reason to be an NAPP member.
Find out more about NAPP here.
Find H.E.L.P. here.
I covered this morning’s keynote highlights live in real time with Twitter and my iPhone.
Read/see my live tweets of  the keynote highlights here.
Coblogging Photoshop World
We’re coblogging again. That is we’re all making posts about highlights of Photoshop World. Some of us will do it daily.
Here’s a list of possible participants.
Corey Barker
John Paul Caponigro
RC Concepcion
Dave Cross
Jim Divitale
Laurie Excell

Richard Harrington
Scott Kelby
Matt Koslowski
Deke McClelland
Joe McNally
John Nack
Moose Peterson
Jeff Schewe
Colin Smith
Ben Willmore
David Ziser

NAPP – Photoshop User Special Bonus Issue

If you’re a National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) member along with your next issue of Photoshop User magazine, you’ll be also receiving a special free bonus “All CS4? issue of the magazine. Each time Adobe comes out with a new version, NAPP / Photoshop User produces a special bonus issue for members. There are lots of other benefits to being a member. Check out NAPP here.
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