PSW Keynote – Configurator & Watermarker

Adobe’s John Loiacono, Russell Brown, and John Nack gave a great overview of all the key new CS4 features making a compelling case for upgrading. They noted that there have been many free enhancements to the product line since the release, including great updates for Camera Raw. If you upgraded, but didn’t get these updates, get them! And there’s a new utility that let’s you make your own custom panels – Configurator. NAPP has made a new panel to help make watermarking your images a breeze. It’s free to members.
Missed the event? See it here!
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Adobe Announces CS4

This morning Adobe announced CS4 with a web broadcast demonstrating many new features across the entire product line. In it, John Loiacono (senior vice president of Adobe’s Creative Solutions Business Unit) described CS4 as “The most compelling release in adobe’s history.”
Here are three stunning new Photoshop features.
1    Real time panning and zooming in huge high resolution files (440mp 2gig).
2    Creating spherical 3d images and easily compositing new elements into them.
3    Content aware scaling.
There’s much more!
You can find out about many of the new features on Adobe TV.
Check these videos out.
See Bryan O’Neil Hughes’ – Photoshop Bridge CS4 Feature Tour here.
See Zoranna Gee (Product Manager) show the new CS4 Extended features here.
The Russell Brown Show – Content Aware Scaling here.
The Russell Brown Show – Spherical Panoramas here.
(And yes, all of my workshops and seminars will be updated for Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4.)