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HOME – The Movie

On June 5, 2009, Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s powerful new movie was released. A non-commercial venture this movie is free to everyone with an internet connection. It breaks the mold. The message is timely, succinct, and powerful.
The opening lines say it all. “Listen to me. Please. You’re like me. Homo sapiens. A wise human. Life. A miracle in the universe appeared 4 billion years ago and we humans only 200,000 years ago. Yet we have succeeded in disrupting the balance that is so essential to life. Listen carefully to this story, which is yours, and decide what you want to do with it.”
Arthus-Bertrand says, “It’s time to believe what we know.”
Belief leads to action.
What will you do?
Find lots of ideas here.
Find organizations here.
See Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s TED talk here.
Find out more about / watch HOME here.

A Vision of Students Today

Feel like it’s hard to keep up with the R/Evolution? You’re not the only one! We’re going through a major global paradigm shift – technologically, environmentally, culturally.
Education isn’t keeping up. This video on YouTube highlights many aspects of the issue. (It’s hit a nerve and has been viewed almost 2.5 million times.) Here are some stunning statements you can find in it. “My average class size is 115. My neighbor paid for this class but she never comes. I buy $100 text books that I never open. I will read 8 books this year. 2300 web pages. 1281 Facebook profiles.” And the list goes on. It’s 4 minutes and 44 seconds well spent.
I felt education was falling behind when I went to college – and that was before the web.  Now? Well, I can do more than imagine. I lecture a lot at universities. I know the issues. I see the problems. I sympathize with both administrators and teachers, but mostly with students. Bold moves are necessary.
My contribution? Share knowledge. Teach well. I’m constantly educating – website, publication, dvds, lectures, seminars, and workshops. It’s one of many ways I can make a difference.
We all have different resources and strengths. Think about what you can do to contribute.
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