A Vision of Students Today

Feel like it’s hard to keep up with the R/Evolution? You’re not the only one! We’re going through a major global paradigm shift – technologically, environmentally, culturally.
Education isn’t keeping up. This video on YouTube highlights many aspects of the issue. (It’s hit a nerve and has been viewed almost 2.5 million times.) Here are some stunning statements you can find in it. “My average class size is 115. My neighbor paid for this class but she never comes. I buy $100 text books that I never open. I will read 8 books this year. 2300 web pages. 1281 Facebook profiles.” And the list goes on. It’s 4 minutes and 44 seconds well spent.
I felt education was falling behind when I went to college – and that was before the web.  Now? Well, I can do more than imagine. I lecture a lot at universities. I know the issues. I see the problems. I sympathize with both administrators and teachers, but mostly with students. Bold moves are necessary.
My contribution? Share knowledge. Teach well. I’m constantly educating – website, publication, dvds, lectures, seminars, and workshops. It’s one of many ways I can make a difference.
We all have different resources and strengths. Think about what you can do to contribute.
Make suggestions here. Comment.
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  • Einar Erlendsson

    06.07.2008 at 08:39 Reply

    I teach and lecture.
    My only clientele are my students. I work for them when teaching.
    To do so I have to study not less than my students all the time.
    It makes me not so popular by my fellow teachers and the school mastership, because I want to bring teaching into new fields they don’t know.
    It scares them. They only know what they learned when they where studying. That is what they want to teach. That is what they think is important for students to learn.
    Why? Because the can only teach what they know.
    Inspiration and questions are more powerful teaching tool than always have the answers.

  • Terry Reinert

    06.07.2008 at 12:22 Reply

    Yet another amazing video. Your two posts on this really has me wanting to read more about anthropology. I think I will be going to B&N today to buy a book on it… one of 8 I will read this year. No joke. I stared at my bookcase just last night trying to find something to read. 12 shelves of textbooks, magazines, science fiction, fiction, biographies, physics books, etc. Couldn’t find anything interesting. So I laid in bed with my laptop surfing the net.
    Yes, I am a victim – er I mean university student – myself. Luckily I go to a private school. My max class size is 15 students. But I pay $895 a credit hour. Fellow students are $120,000 in debt by the time they graduate. Luckily I have a full time job – I will only be $50,000 in debt.
    My big complaints against America’s education system? Every child is equal in their eyes. So the teachers make it so simple – even spelling out every question that will be on the test so you know exactly what to memorize – not learn – MEMORIZE – so everyone aces the test. I am a very smart individual. I learn nothing that I do not teach myself on my own? Why? Because every student MUST be equal in the classroom so the material is dumbed down for the slowest student. I mean nothing mean or inconsiderate of this – only speaking the truth.
    Look at Florida’s FCAT test for elementary through high school students. The money granted to the school is based on FCAT scores. So teachers are forced to teach what is on the test and nothing more so that school can get the maximum amount of money possible. Kids are slaves – I mean students – to this system. They learn nothing about life. They learn nothing about living. They learn nothing about the real world. They learn what is on the test. Nothing more, no thing less.
    Our school system sucks. Radical changes are needed. But Washington is going in the wrong direction. They have been for years. Every child is NOT equal. Every child LEARNS DIFFERENTLY! We are all different. We should embrace our differences – not hide them so that we all appear equal. Forcing everyone to be equal is a crime against humanity – one of the worst kinds.
    Thank you for another great post that opened my eyes even further.

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