Illumination XXXIV

My free July Desktop Calendar features an image from Namibia’s Serra Cafema.

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Illumination XL

My free June Desktop Calendar features an image from Namibia’s Serra Cafema.

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Alignment VI

Alignment VI

Alignment X

Alignment X

Alignment XXIII

Alignment XXIII

Alignment XXII

Alignment XXII

Alignment XXVIII

Alignment XXVIII


Constellation XV


Constellation XIV






Illumination XXIV


Illumination XXXV

This is a selection of my top 12 images of 2015. This selection doesn’t reflect sales, publication, or activities on the web. It simply reflects my opinion. Click on the titles to find out more about each image.

My obsession continued with places defined by water (either an abundance of it or a lack of it) in the polar-regions of Greenland and Iceland and in the deserts (an absence of water, yet often shaped by waters long gone) of Namibia, Argentina, and California.

Half the images I released in 2015 were exposed in other years. Several of the other images were processed on location or the day they were exposed. I date “straight” shots based on the date they were exposed and composites on the date they are completed.

There were several new twists on old subjects and themes: amid sensual dunes multiple moments / perspectives became conjoined; levitating stones became ice; below reflective water surfaces instead of closer details full landscapes are seen; seeing through things to what lies behind them shifted from skies to landscapes.

Magnificent Moment
Once again, flying over the 1,500 foot coral dunes of Sossusvlei for more than an hour was simply divine, especially when coupled with the hours spent walking its shifting surfaces in constantly changing light.

It’s challenging to choose so few images from so many – but it’s insightful. Try selecting your own top 12 images. Try selecting the top 12 images of your favorite artist(s).

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Seth Resnick and I just returned from two stellar Namibia photography workshops that focused on its world class dune fields. Here’s a selection of my favorites.







Seth shared his working process and ranking system.

“When I am in the field I rank my images and create rough drafts or sketches. From the sketches I create my best images for my portfolio and galleries. In order to get to a point that I can clearly call an image a portfolio piece I must live with it for awhile and have it stand the test of time. I have assembled all of my “sketches” from Namibia soI I can start making final selections for prints and exhibition.”

“The editing process is very important to me. I shot close to 8000 images. I rank all the images and my ranking is essentially a 1 is an idea that doesn’t quite work. They get deleted instantly. A 2 is a solid idea that has a stage but no actor or an actor and no stage but the idea is solid. They are also deleted. A 3 is well a good college try. It is a solid image but it is lacking something. Three;s that can become 4’s are kept. I want to see if a 3 may be come a four with processing. A three that stays a 3 is deleted. A 3 that can become a 4 is kept. A 4 is a truly solid strong image and one to be proud of. A 5 is portfolio image that will have a long life. I make a gallery with the images that have a 3+ or greater ranking and then I live with them and narrow it down. In the end I will likely take 5 of these into exhibitions and portfolio.”

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Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is famous for its near omnipresent fog, which is created by the confluence of hot Namib Desert sands and cold Benguela Current waters that flow north from Antarctica.

When access to the big dune fields was cut off, play helped me find my way along the coastline.

Here’s a collection of recent iPhone sketches from Namibia’s Skeleton Coast.

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It wasn’t surprising that I found many bones in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast Park. Sharing Henry Moore’s and Georgia O’Keefe’s fascination with bones I couldn’t resist making a number of sketches with my iPhone. Here’s a selection of them.

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