Take Inventory With Verbs

Before you photograph, write. After you identify the things in your environment, identify the actions taking place. For photographs to transcend being visual inventory they need to tell a story. That means something has to happen in them. You need verbs. Whether they’re quiet or dramatic verbs are always active. Often we don’t recognize all the things that are happening around us simultaneously.
There’s so much going on we miss some things. Slowing down and looking carefully helps you see more. Some things happen so slowly that we don’t think of them as happening, but every thing is really an event moving from the past through the present to the future. If you become more mindful of the events around you and their interconnections, you’ll make more insightful images.
New habits don’t come easily. Set a goal. 50 verbs. Set a timeline. 3-5 minutes. And try this again. The benefits grow as you become more adept at this skill, through practice.
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