How To Improve Your Creativity With Writing


Use Your Words


Watch Your Process (2018) | Free
It’ll change your life.

Take Notes (2018) | Free
See, remember, and produce more.

Talk With Yourself (2018) | Free
Don’t worry, it’s not crazy. We all do it.

Listen To Yourself (2018) | Free
The words you use reveal a lot.

Turn Your Inner Critic Into An Ally (2018) | Free
Your inner critic can be a terrible adversary or a powerful ally.

Be Your Best Friend (2018) | Free
Energize yourself. Affirm your abilities. Set tangible goals.


Find Your Story


Guiding Questions (2011) | Free
Generate ideas and guide your work with these essential questions.

Every Picture Tells A Story (2010) | .99 | Free to Members
Every picture tells a story.

Identify Subjects With Nouns (2010) | Free
Make a list of all the things you see. Start with nouns, the things themselves.

Identify Actions With Verbs (2010) | Free
After you identify the things in your environment, identify the actions taking place

Identify Qualities With Adverbs And Adjectives | Coming

Let It All Out – Free Associate To Find Feelings, Thoughts, Memories, Connections (2010) | Free
Identify the things happening outside you and take time to explore what’s going on inside.

Association (9/10) | .99 | Free to Members
Learn how to deepen your relationships with your work.

Form, Feeling, Content (2010) | .99 | Free to Members
What kind of story are you telling?

Metaphor (2010) | .99 | Free to Members
Use metaphor to guide you deeper into a subject.

The Differences Between Vision & Style (2017) | Free
Vision is what you have to say; style is how you say it.

What’s Your Vision ? | Coming

What’s Your Style ? (2005) | Free 
Identify the basic visual elements in your work.

What’s Your Theme ? | Coming

Why Are You Really Doing This ? | Coming

Make Plans (2011)| .99Free to Members
Increase your productivity and fulfillment by making a plan.

Define a Project (2008) |  .99 | Free to Members
Focus your creative efforts and create an action list to achieve your goals.

Developing Personal Projects (2011) | Free
Defining a project is one of the single best ways to develop your body of work.

Clarify Your Mission, Goals, Projects, Actions (2011) | Free

Make Your Bucket List (2016)| Free


Tell It Your Way


The Way You Tell Your Story Is Part Of Your Style | Coming

Tell a Story Three Ways (2010) | Free
Tell the story of your subject. Actually, tell three stories.

Most Stories Have A Beginning, Middle & End | Coming

Explore Different Story Structures | Coming

The Hero’s Journey | Coming

There Are Only 7 Basic Plots | Coming


Share Your Story


Why Sharing Your Story Is Important | Coming

How To Ask For Useful Feedback (2018) | Free

How To Title Your Images (2012) | Free
Good titles complement works by giving viewers more relevant information.

How I Title My Images (2009) | Free
Titles have always been challenging for me.

Get Down To The Essence Of It – Tell Us About It In One Sentence, Phrase, Word | Coming

Artist’s Statements (2005) | .99 | Free to Members
Learn how to make the visual verbal, by crafting artist’s statements.


Play With Words


Breaking the Rules (2005) | .99 | Free to Members

Creative Fear List (2016) | Free

If You Were A …  | Coming

It’s Kind Of A Cross Between …  | Coming

What If … | Coming

Write A Story In One Sentence | Coming

Write A Three Line Poem | Coming

Magnetic Poetry | Coming


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