How To Use Words Improve Your Creativity


Use Your Words


Watch Your Process 
It’ll change your life.

Take Notes 
See, remember, and produce more.

Talk With Yourself 
Don’t worry, it’s not crazy. We all do it.

Listen To Yourself 
The words you use reveal a lot.

Turn Your Inner Critic Into An Ally 
Your inner critic can be a terrible adversary or a powerful ally.

Coach Yourself
Energize yourself. Affirm your abilities. Set tangible goals.

Avoid Should
Instead ask, “What happens when I?”


Find Your Story


Guiding Questions 
Generate ideas and guide your work with these essential questions.

Every Picture Tells A Story Free to Members
Every picture tells a story.

Identify Subjects With Nouns 
Make a list of all the things you see. Start with nouns, the things themselves.

Identify Actions With Verbs
After you identify the things in your environment, identify the actions taking place

Identify Qualities With Adverbs And Adjectives | Coming

Let It All Out – Free Associate To Find Feelings, Thoughts, Memories, Connections
Identify the things happening outside you and take time to explore what’s going on inside.

Association  Free to Members
Learn how to deepen your relationships with your work.

Form, Feeling, Content  Free to Members
What kind of story are you telling?

Metaphor Free to Members
Use metaphor to guide you deeper into a subject.

The Differences Between Vision & Style 
Vision is what you have to say; style is how you say it.

What’s Your Vision ? | Coming

What’s Your Style ? 
Identify the basic visual elements in your work.

What’s Your Theme ? | Coming

Why Are You Really Doing This ? | Coming

Make Plans  Free to Members
Increase your productivity and fulfillment by making a plan.

Define a Project  Free to Members
Focus your creative efforts and create an action list to achieve your goals.

Developing Personal Projects 
Defining a project is one of the single best ways to develop your body of work.

Clarify Your Mission, Goals, Projects, Actions

Make Your Bucket List 


Tell It Your Way


The Way You Tell Your Story Is Part Of Your Style | Coming

Tell a Story Three Ways
Tell the story of your subject. Actually, tell three stories.

Most Stories Have A Beginning, Middle & End | Coming

Explore Different Story Structures | Coming

The Hero’s Journey | Coming

7 Essential Plots | Coming


Share Your Story


Why Sharing Your Story Is Important | Coming

How To Ask For Useful Feedback 

How To Title Your Images
Good titles complement works by giving viewers more relevant information.

How I Title My Images 
Titles have always been challenging for me.

Get Down To The Essence Of It – Tell Us About It In One Sentence, Phrase, Word | Coming

Artist’s Statements  Free to Members
Learn how to make the visual verbal, by crafting artist’s statements.


Play With Words


Breaking the Rules  Free to Members

Creative Fear List 

If You Were A …  | Coming

It’s Kind Of A Cross Between …  | Coming

What If … | Coming

Write A Story In One Sentence | Coming

Write A Three Line Poem | Coming

Magnetic Poetry | Coming


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