The Best Videos On Creativity


This growing collection of videos on creativity includes content from many fields – photographers, writers, musicians, scientists and kids. Use this list to dive into what I think is the most fascinating field. Check back in the future for new additions to this list.

With so many great videos to choose from where do you start?

My top picks are red.


J J Abrams – The Mystery Box

Ray Bradbury – Telling The Truth

Julie Burstein – 4 Lessons In Creativity

Tim Brown – Tales Of Creativity And Play

Ben Cameron – The True Power Of The Performing Arts

John Paul Caponigro – You’re More Creative Than You Think

Candy Chang – Before I Die I Want To

John Cleese – On Creativity

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi – On Flow

Edward De Bono – 5 Videos On Thinking Creatively

Nancy Duarte – The Common Structure Of The Greatest Communicators

Kirby Ferguson – Embrace The Remix

Neil Gaiman – Finding Your Life In Art

James Geary – Metaphorically Speaking

Elizabeth Gilbert – Nurturing Creativity

Malcolm Gladwell – On Success

Robert Greene – Creative Mastery

Sheena Iyengar – The Art Of Choosing

Steve Jobs – How To Live Before You Die

Stephen Johnson – Where Good Ideas Come From

David Kelley – How To Build Your Creative Confidence

Austin Kleon – Steal Like An Artist

Charles Limb – Your Brain On Improv

Beau Lotto – Science Is For Everyone, Kids Included

Bobby McFerrin – On Improvisation

Kerry Mullis – Celebrating The Experiment

Chris Orwig – Getting Better At Photography Fuels Innovation

Howard Rheingold – On Collaboration

Matt Ridley – When Ideas Have Sex

Sir Ken Robinson – Education Revolution

Andrew Stanton – Clues To A Great Story

Adora Svitak – What Adults Can Learn From Kids

Amy Tan – Where Does Creativity Hide ?

Don Tapscott – Four Principles For The Open World

Julian Treasure – 5 Ways To Listen Better

Benjamin Zander – Music And Passion


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