22 Ways To Find Inspiration

How do I find inspiration?
Let me count my ways.

1             Walk in nature
2             Visit a new place
3             Plan a future trip
4             Read
5             Listen to music
6             Watch movies
7             Look at artwork
8             Review my finished images
9             Review my unfinished images
10           Make new images spontaneously
11            List new creative things to try
12           Try something new creatively
13           Sketch ideas
14           Free associate
15           Brainstorm
16           Meditate
17           Daydream
18           Dream
19           Play like/with a child

How do you find inspiration?
The next time that doesn’t work, try one (or more) of these things.

I recommend you practice some or all of these things regularly.
Don’t wait to run dry.
Keep yourself overflowing all the time.

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