I Use – Joby's Gorilla Pod

Gorilla Pod’s. It’s not for your music. It’s for your camera. These little baby’s are adorable! More importantly, they get you thinking about where you can place your tripod in entirely new ways. Put your camera on the floor. Put it on the back of a chair. Put it on the edge of a table. Put it on the top of a door. Put it on a car door, mirror, or bumper. Put it on a beam in the ceiling. Put it on a street sign. Put it on a trash can. You get the idea. It turns where you put your camera into a game. And you get even more creative!
The smallest unit isn’t stable enough – pass on it. All the others are great. While I take extra care when using my Gorilla Pod with my Canon DSLRs (particularly with a long lens), I use my Gorilla Pod without hesitation with my Canon G9 point and shoot – even for video! Video from the ceiling? Yes!
You can see it in use in all of my workshops.
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  • Sammy

    26.07.2008 at 20:06 Reply

    So is the normal GorillaPod not good enough with the Canon G9 then? I am trying to wonder what to get, normal or SLR, hopefully you can help me out.
    I want to do Macro etc with it.

  • johnpaulcaponigro

    28.07.2008 at 16:31 Reply

    the GorillaPod is perfect for point and shoots like the G9. Get the medium or large one, not the mini. And, if you use it with a DSLR use extra caution.

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