I Use – Bogen 3265 Grip Action Ball Head

This is one of the accessories that make using a tripod easier, more fun and more intuitive. This grip is so fluid it doesn’t get in my way. I can move more freely. That means I make images more freely. That means I make more images. That means I make more interesting pictures. That means I make better pictures. The best tripod head may not be the sturdiest, it may be the most fluid. Strike the balance you’re most comfortable with.
There are sturdier heads. If you need super-stability (perhaps you have a very heavy camera or use super long lenses) this may not be the head for you. But it’s plenty steady for me (even with my Canon 1DSMKIII and 100-400 IS zoom).
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  • James Howe

    19.07.2008 at 10:11 Reply

    I’ve used this tripod head for many years and I agree that it is generally very easy and quick to use. The only downside I’ve found is if you want to shoot something like a panorama where you want to pan the camera. It’s hard to get a smooth level pan with this particular head. Other than that I’ve found it very stable and agree completely with your description of it being very ‘fluid’

  • Carleton Akana

    16.08.2008 at 13:48 Reply

    Hi John,other than the 3265 grip head which some like and enjoy,i use an L-Bracket for taking both Vertical & Horizontal shots.
    A quick release plate is installed onto the tripods’ base ( 1/4 X 20 thread?)allowing the L-Brackets’ easy removal & install.
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