Packing List – Equipment

I  store this packing list in my bag to make packing efficient. I modify it if a trip has special considerations. Please feel free to copy this list and modify it for your unique needs or to share this link with your friends.
Camera Bag
Store cameras and lenses in plastic bags …
2 Cameras – Canon 5DSR
2 Camera – Battery Charger With Extra Battery
1 Universal Power Strip
1 Universal Electrical Adaptor
1 Lens – 11-24mm
1 Lens – 24-170mm
1 Lens – 70-200mm
1 2X Extender
1 Camera Rain Cover
4 Memory – CF Cards
4 Memory – SD Cards
1 Sensor Cleaner Dry Brush
2 Sensor Cleaner Wet Swab
1 Lens Cloth
1 Tripod and Tripod Head (store with clothing)
1 Gorillapod
1 iPhone Tripod Adaptor
Computer Bag
Store hard drives and pens in plastic bags …
1 Computer – Mac Book Pro
1 Computer – Mac Book Pro – Power Supply With Adaptors
1 Harddrive – Bootable Copy of Portable Computer
2 Harddrives – Raw Files and Raw Files Backup
1 Card Reader and Cable
1 Microphone and adaptor
1 iPad Power Supply and Cord
1 iPad to VGA Adaptor
1 Miniport to VGA Adaptor
1 iPad and Cable
1 Earbuds
1 Apple Pencil
1 Mechanical Pencil
3 Pens Varying Thickness
1 Pack of Paper (emergency contact info, copy of insurance, copy of passport, notes, blank)
1 Screencleaner
1 Hand Sanitizer
1 Eyedrops
1 Benadryl
1 Powerbar
If International Add
1 Passport
1 Carnet (or paper of insurance policy above)
1 Global Entry
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  • Peter Taft

    14.01.2013 at 22:52 Reply

    John Paul, your packing list is quite extensive 4 cameras, 3 lenses, 2 computers and 3 hard drives!). How many bags and what sizes (roughly) do you take? With airlines limiting you to 1 carry-on and a “personal” item, if you carry more than 2 bags, how do you pack equipment that will be carried in the main baggage hold? I am about to fly to Europe for several weeks and concerned about the number of bags, and the potential for equipment loss. Thanks. Peter

  • Peter Taft

    15.01.2013 at 18:24 Reply

    Can I ask about the make / model # of your 2 carry ons. I have a Lowepro camera case and it does not accommodate all my gear that I want to carry. Thanks. Peter

  • johnpaulcaponigro

    15.01.2013 at 18:33 Reply

    There are two lists there.
    I’ll have to review how they are presented.
    I travel with two carry ons – one for camera and one for portable computer (now on my shoulder).
    Two camera with three lenses.
    Only my tripod and a universal power strip gets checked with my clothes.
    Even then, airlines started getting fussy with the weight of carry on and my rolling camera bag though under size is overweight.
    It’s not easy moving gear these days.
    Seth Resnick has one big shoulder bag for everything.
    It’s too much weight for my back but he hasn’t had any trouble yet.

  • johnpaulcaponigro

    15.01.2013 at 18:42 Reply

    The lightest Pro Roller for my cameras.
    A shoulder bag for my computer like the Exchange Messenger, which fits on top of the roller bag, so I have to carry it on my shoulder as little as possible … but always when boarding as they tend to flat the two together more often.

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