Recently on TWIP’s (This Week In Photoshop) The Fix I spoke with Jan Kabili about the power of printing your photographs. Then I demonstrated how to get the best results possible with Softproofing & Proofing practices. Watch this and you’re sure to get better prints in less time with less waste.

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Bambi Cantrell

John Paul Caponigro

Douglas Dubler

Greg Gorman

Chase Jarvis

Steve McCurry

Jay Maisel

Jeff Schewe

Here what top pros have to say about their printing – and Epson’s Stylus 900 Series printers.

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Bambi Cantrell, Douglas Dubler, Greg Gorman, Jay Maisel, Steve McCurry, and Jeff Schewe share their thoughts and feelings on their work and how they relate to it when it’s printed.

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In this video, I share my thoughts and feelings on photography and printing.

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Do you need to make your own printer profiles?

Probably not, if you’re using a printer manufacturer’s standard papers.

Yes, if you’re using 3rd party or exotic substrates or inks.

Is it hard?

No! This video highlights several easy solutions.

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Test Files

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Go beyond the limits of color management? Adopt a proofing workflow.

Here’s a short excerpt from my DVD.

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