Many Uses For Books

There are many different kinds of books because people use books to do many different things.
– Share content
– Make a durable record (whether history or memento)
– Support an inquiry
– Produce a catalog to facilitate and create orders
– Enhance a proposition with added value
– Give away a leave behind
– Make an impression
– Gratify an ego
Can you think of other uses? Comment here!
Identifying your goals for your next book project will affect the choices you make at every stage in its creation and ultimately make it more effective.
When you produce your next book, ask yourself what function you want your book to serve?
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Share, Promote, Sell Your Blurb Books

Blurb offers a number of ways you can share, promote, and sell your books.
Once you print your book you can invite others to preview and purchase it, either with Blurb’s announce feature or with your own mailing list.
Blurb’s new widget allows visitors to preview your book online. You can show as much or as little as you like. You can install it on any webpage by copying the HTML code. The widget has one click social network sharing and purchase functions.
Keyword your book to make it easier to find your book on the Blurb store and on Google. All the text in your previews is Google searchable!
You can sell your book in the Blurb store. Anyone can find your books marked public. Only people you invite can find books you mark private. Blurb’s online service will track how many books are sold. You can even make a profit on your books by marking up the price and Blurb’s website will give you reports on your progress. Checks are sent to you monthly.
Blurb takes and fulfills orders for you. Alternately, you can order any quantity from them and take and fulfill orders yourself, which you’ll need to do if you want to sign or enhance (emboss, slipcase, include a print) your books, but you’ll have to pay for shipping twice (once to you and once to your customer).
Blurb’s combination of easy to use software and order fulfillment creates a combination of capabilities that’s unique among print-on-demand services.
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Comparing Blurb's Quality to Offset

In its few year history, Blurb’s quality has improved tremendously.
How does Blurb’s print-on-demand quality compare to standard web offset press quality? Blurb delivers better quality than most offset presses where careful attention is not paid to production. Blurb doesn’t meet the best carefully overseen offset quality.
Common problems with Blurb printing include printing dark with some shadow detail loss, inconsistent neutrality and graybalance, and slight banding. Blurb’s dot structure or line screen is average, which is somewhat coarse in comparison with the finest 300 line screen offset. Blurb offers slightly better saturation compared to offset, but not six color hi-fi offset. The problems you encounter with Blurb are all common problems with offset printing if it’s not carefully overseen, which is common.
Oversight is one of the challenges with print-on-demand paradigms. It’s not practical to proof a book of one. It’s not practical to proof it again six months later with the next order. It’s unrealistic to expect an extremely low volume run to compete with a high volume run. In a high volume run, time and materials are allocated to test press conditions, carefully proof content before final printing, and maintained during a run of hundreds or even thousands. That’s why offset runs are only cost effective if you’re making a lot of books and that drives initial costs much higher and per unit costs much lower. Blurb’s offers extremely low initial costs but higher unit costs.
The Blurb revolution makes some books, that otherwise might never have been made, a reality
So, how good is Blurb’s quality?
Good enough.
And getting better all the time.
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Hire a Professional Designer to Make Your Blurb Book – BlurbNation Directory

Professional design makes a difference.
Want to hire a professional to design you Blurb book but don’t know one?
Find one on the BlurbNation Directory.
You’ll get better results when you work with a designer if you understand core design concepts.
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Find my Blurb book Antarctica here.
Find out more about my Blurb seminars in New York April 29 and Toronto May 15.
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Sandler and Graham Place in iPhone Contest

My Alumni and I have been having a lot of fun with our iPhones.
Harry Sandler won one of 10 Wacom Tablet Winners.
Jim Graham won one of 25 Apple App Store Gift Cards.
I won one of 30 Adorama Gift Cards.
Harry alternates between his PhaseOne P65 and his iPhone.
Jim alternates between his Nikon D3X and his iPhone.
I alternate between my Canon 1DS MKIII and my iPhone.
See the pattern?
It’s hysterical to see Harry doing HDR panoramas with his iPhone propped on top of his Phase back. You’ve got to be careful telling jokes around Jim because they’re liable to be posted as video shortly afterwards. I put words in their mouths and thoughts in their heads with comic apps. We’re laughing all the time.
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