Precons at Photoshop World XVII start today.

We’re coblogging again. Presenters will try and make one post a day of a highlight.

I haven’t even started my Epson Print Academy Precon (today from 1-5 with Rodney and Schewe) yet and I’ve had a highlight. RC Concepcion, Matt Koslowski, Corey Barker and I were discussing shooting for HDR for their demo during their Precon session. RC had scouted locations and remarked that crowds might be a problem. So I offered an idea. Shoot 3 shots for each bracketed exposure (three each for low, medium and high). First merge the moving people out. Then use the remaining three merges for the HDR merge. This stuff gets you thinking – in new ways. I love it! I’ll be do this in my workshop in Palms Springs next week. Someone will let you know how it goes. When they do you’ll find a link here.

You can see what other presenters share each day by accessing these links.

Here’s a list of everyone who coblogged last year. Check back for more links each day.

Corey Barker
John Paul Caponigro
RC Concepcion
Dave Cross

Jim Divitale
Laurie Excell
Martin Evening

Richard Harrington
Scott Kelby
Matt Koslowski
Deke McClelland
Joe McNally
John Nack
Moose Peterson
Jeff Schewe
Colin Smith
Ben Willmore
David Ziser

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ICC Is A Scale

March 20, 2009 | Leave a Comment |

During the Epson Print Academy Andrew Rodney uses many great metaphors to explain a complex subject – color managment. Here’s one. The ICC standard is just a scale that gives numbers a context and ultimately a meaning. 1500! What’s 1500? 1500 what? Meters? Kilometers? The scale gives the number meaning and ultimately use. And using a common scale that we all share makes communication easier and more precise. Color management is ultimately all about scientifically describing and communicating color.

Catch one of the last three Epson Print Academy dates this season.
Toronto – Saturday, 3/21
Boston – Tuesday, 3/24
Vancouver – Saturday, 5/23

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Epson Print Academy – NYC

December 5, 2008 | Comments Off on Epson Print Academy – NYC |

The Epson Print Academy will be in NYC tomorrow.
Rodney, Schewe, Gorman, Holbert, Caponigro.
Check out this recent blog post at Photoshop Insider where we each describe our sessions.

Epson Print Academy – Live – What It’s Like

November 16, 2008 | Comments Off on Epson Print Academy – Live – What It’s Like |

Today, the Epson Print Academy is in Washington DC at the Hilton Crystal Palace.

What’s the Epson Print Academy like? Jack Reznicki hosts Track One. Jeff Schewe is ring leader for Andrew Rodney, Greg Gorman, Mac Holbert, and me in Track Two. Both tracks feature live sessions and informative videos. In track two senior product manager Mark Radogna (below) talks about the new HDR ink technologies. Henry Wilhelm talks about key issues in print permanence – see the full length here. There’s an Expo area. Jeff Greene of Microsoft makes a short presentation on Capture One 4 and Expression Media 2. Mike Wong of On One makes a short presentation on their plug-ins like Mask Pro and Focal Point. And there’s a Gallery; all the prints are printed with Epson’s new HDR ink.

Check back later this evening for afternoon additions.

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Industry Luminaries Send Up Greg Gorman’s Workshops

November 15, 2008 | Comments Off on Industry Luminaries Send Up Greg Gorman’s Workshops |

Stephen Wilkes, Eric Meola, Walter Ioos, Andrew Rodney, Katrin Eismann, Seth Resnick, John Paul Caponigro and many others send up Greg Gorman’s workshops in this online video. It’s funny.

Check out Greg Gorman’s workshops here.
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The videos for the Epson Print Academy are always rich. In the newly updated Track 2 sessions attendees get to see a 14 minute short cut of Michael Reichmann (Luminous Landscape) interviewing Henry Wilhelm (Care and Permanence of Photographs) on longevity. A lot of myths and misnomers are dispelled. It’s well worth scanning.

You can see and/or listen to the full 68 minute version here.

Find out about the next Epson Print Academy near you here.

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