Epson Print Academy – New Dates

The Epson Print Academy is gearing up for another tour. There are two tracks.
Track I programming includes …
Jack Reznicki seminars and hosts.
Video presentations by top industry experts.
Track II programming includes …
Andrew Rodney    Color Management
Jeff Schewe        Raw Conversion
Greg Gorman     Black and White
Mac Holbert     Fine Art Workflow
J P Caponigro    21st Century Dodging & Burning and The Art of Proofing
Video presentations with Michael Reichmann, Henry Wilhelm, and Epson Professional Product Managers.
Which track should you attend? Find out here.
Nov 8, 2008       Atlanta
Nov 16, 2008     Washington DC
Dec 6 , 2008      New York
Dec 13, 2008     Dallas
Jan 31, 2009      Seattle
Feb 7, 2009       San Francisco
Feb 21, 2009     Los Angeles
Feb 28, 2009     Boston
Mar 14, 2009     Chicago
Mar 21, 2009     Toronto
April 4, 2009      Minneapolis
April 25, 2009    Denver
May 3, 2009       New York
May 9, 2009       Los Angeles/Orange County
May 16, 2009     San Francisco
May 23, 2009     Vancouver
Get more details on dates and locations here.
Track 1 costs $79.95. Track 2 costs $149.95. This is one of the best deals around. Sign up now!
Check out Schewe and Reichmann’s video tutorial here.
Check out Holbert’s DVD The Dirty Dozen here.
Check out my DVDs here.
Check out my Fine Digital Print workshop series here.
If you attended the Epson Print Academy tell us what you liked and what you’re looking forward to. Comment here!


  • Pat L

    24.09.2008 at 07:33 Reply

    With all the enhancements in CS4 do I really need Lightroom as well? Aren’t the tagging and keywording in Bridge just as effective as in Lightroom? How would Lightroom speed up developing the images?

  • johnpaulcaponigro

    24.09.2008 at 13:56 Reply

    Need is a very strong word.
    ACR and Bridge work great.
    Lightroom offers superior Collections (simple digital asset management) and page layout / batching for printing.
    Look for a future post on this topic soon.

  • Pat L

    25.09.2008 at 20:57 Reply

    Thanks John Paul for your response. You are the first one I could actually get a comment from on this. I look forward to your future comments on this as I am sure many others amateur photographers are just as confused as I. From your comment, it appears Lightroom is valuable for the collections, and image management and printing features so warrants further consideration. I hope Adobe will offer a special package of Upgrade on CS4 along with purchase of full Lightroom program.

  • Laura

    06.10.2008 at 05:38 Reply

    Its a great post and useful also because today everybody want to buy shopping goods online.
    Thanks for such an helpful post.

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