Marc Silber brings us another inside look at Ansel Adams’ world.

“Step inside Ansel Adams’ house and studio in this episode of Advancing Your Photography. Ansel’s son shares stories about his father’s lesser known commercial work and his teachings. Plus we get an up close look at Ansel’s personal camera collection! ”

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These two videos offer an excellent view into Ansel Adams’ working methods.

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Ansel Adams and Imogene Cunningham by Alan Ross

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Ansel Adams offers sage advice on visualizing photographs.

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“Advice on how to visualize your photos, from a rare interview with Ansel Adams. Photo visualization was so important to Ansel Adams that he made it the first chapter of his book on photography.”

“Don’t miss this story of Ansel Adams’ breakthrough when he first learned to visualize a photograph, moving from amateur to the true artistry he was known for. Then see previously unreleased footage of Ansel explaining exactly what he means by “visualization” and the points to master to be an “instinctive” photographer. All footage filmed in Yosemite National Park where Ansel lived and photographed for decades. By watching and following his advice you can advance your photography to new heights!”

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