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6 Simple Steps to Good Color Management
The Art of Proofing
Photoshop Color Tools
Photoshop Color Strategies
Black & White Mastery
Drawing With Light – 21st Century Dodging & Burning
Atmospheric FX
Stay tuned for more from my 3 new DVDs,
Fine Art Digital Printing
Fine Art Workflow
Extending Dynamic Range – HDR. Imaging
Learn more in my R/Evolution DVD series.
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R Mac Holbert’s (master printer Nash Editions) new website is live and growing
You’ll find …
Information on Mac’s workshops and seminars.
Free PDFs and Actions that complement Mac’s workshops and seminars.
Mac’s Acme Educational DVD The Dirty Dozen: Eliminating Common Imaging Mistakes.
Mac’s book Nash Editions / Photography and the Art of Digital Printing.
Like any website, it continues to evolve.
So, check it out now.
And, check back later for more useful resources.
Check out my conversation with Mac here.
Check out our workshop The Fine Art of Digital Printing here.

Colin Smith – Online Video Tips @ PhotoshopCafe

Colin Smith is the force behind PhotoshopCafe a dynamic website/web community where you can also find his high quality training DVDs. Colin also gives 9 useful video tips online – Dotted Lines, Portrait Glow, Straighten Images, Wacom C Panel, Dodge and Burn, Rollover in DW, Connect FTP, Double Glow Text, Text on Cylinder. There free!
Check them out here!
See the face behind the tutorials here at NVIDIA’s Speak
Check out Colin’s DVDs here.
Check out my DVDs here.