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OPTIC 2016 is four days of presentations, events, live demonstrations, portfolio reviews, gallery exhibitions, cocktail parties, sunset cruises and a Central Park photo expedition along with a giant two day long trade show. Please see each day for a complete schedule of the many activities that OPTIC offers that you can choose from, to customize your experience. The main stage on day one and day two will be live streamed. All lectures will be available to view at a later time, so you can relive OPTIC and not miss a single exciting presentation!”

I’ll be presenting two sessions …

1    Black & White Mastery – Sunday June 5 at 4:30

2    Two Generations Of Master Artists – Monday June 6 at 2 pm

In this second session, I’ll be sharing the stage with my father.

Find out more here!

I’m in Washington DC at Photoshop World 2012 the world’s best Photoshop conference. 3 days, 40 instructors, 100 seminars. You can find my classes here.

Click here to find out more about Photoshop world here.


Alumni Success Stories

September 25, 2009 | Leave a Comment |


This space is for you!

If you’re an alumn of my workshops/seminars …

I want to hear your success stories!

And I want to share them with the world!

Got a new book?

Featured in a magazine?

Won a contest?

Have a new exhibit?

Landed a new assignment?

Print made it in a prestigious collection?

Experienced a great travel adventure?

Took a great workshop?

Used great tools?

Learned something valuable?

Tell us about your discoveries here!

How do you submit material?

Send me your ready to post text as an RTF file.

Include full urls for relevant links …


Include at least one image – 425 pixels wide, sRGB, 8 bit, JPEG setting 6-9.

Email me at

That’s it!

I’ll post it!

Epson Print Academy – NYC

December 5, 2008 | Comments Off on Epson Print Academy – NYC |

The Epson Print Academy will be in NYC tomorrow.
Rodney, Schewe, Gorman, Holbert, Caponigro.
Check out this recent blog post at Photoshop Insider where we each describe our sessions.

The videos for the Epson Print Academy are always rich. In the newly updated Track 2 sessions attendees get to see a 14 minute short cut of Michael Reichmann (Luminous Landscape) interviewing Henry Wilhelm (Care and Permanence of Photographs) on longevity. A lot of myths and misnomers are dispelled. It’s well worth scanning.

You can see and/or listen to the full 68 minute version here.

Find out about the next Epson Print Academy near you here.

There are a lot of surprise giveaways during the Epson Print Academy – books, DVDs, software, posters, prints, etc. I give away posters made onsite, often during the presentation.

Find out about the next Epson Print Academy near you here.

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