Mary Virginia Swanson – Business of Fine Art Workshops / Seminars

Mary Virginia Swanson is simply the best in her field – educating photographers about the business of art. Her knowledge of the diverse markets available (gallery, stock, publishing, etc) to artists is exceptionally broad and deep. Most importantly, she’s a passionate advocate for artists; she cares deeply about their success.
Mary Virginia Swanson just announced a new workshop in her hometown Tucson, Arizona.
“This workshop, led by Mary Virginia Swanson, will provide participants with an overview of the fine art photography market and how one can effectively target galleries, collections and publishers most likely to respond to their work. An understanding of presenting work to industry professionals via competitions and portfolio review events, as well as the value of attending Gallery Expos will be discussed. Examples of successful promotional tools with be shared. Ms. Swanson will bring an extensive library of reference materials and examples of successful self-promotion examples to the Workshop to share with participants.”
How good is she? Alec soth said, “Taking a marketing workshop with Ms. Swanson was a life changing experience.” That’s high praise from a fast rising art star.
Find out about the workshop here.
Find out about Mary Virginia Swanson’s seminars here.
Find out about Mary Virginia Swanson here.
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10 Tips for Photoshop World @ PyxSYLated

Sil Arena (Pixsylated) offers 10 tips for making the most of Photoshop World.
1. Rest up before you go
2. Plan each day and then be ready to change your plan
3. Wear comfortable shoes
4. Get to your sessions very early
5. Forget about taking notes
6. Carry water, food & clothing
7. Bring a backpack or messenger bag
8. Make new friends & rendezvous with old ones
9. Bring a fat wallet or a big credit card
10. Leave your ego at home
Get full details on each item and Bonus tips and Extra Credit at Pysylated.
For instance, did you know that in addition to the regularly scheduled seminars, special sessions and interviews are scheduled on the trade show floor?
Download Dave Cross’ PDF on what he plans to attend. Then make your own!
Check out all the sessions here.
Past seminars I’ve attended that rock include …
T    10:45-11:45    Jack Davis         Automating Everything – ACR & Actions
T    6:15-7:15        Deke McClelland        The Art of Sharpening
F    10:45-11:45    Jeff Schewe        Real World CS3 Camera Raw
F    12-1               Ben Willmore      High Dynamic Range Imagery
S    2:15-3:15        Jeff Schewe        Lightroom to Photoshop to Lightroom
Photoshop World Las Vegas starts September 4-6.
Find out more here.
I’m presenting …
W    1-5        Epson Print Academy Precon
(Rodney, Schewe, Caponigro)
F    7-9        The Art of Photoshop
(Caponigro, DiVitale, Glyda, Maisel, McNally, Peterson)
S    11-12    Painting With Light – 21st Century Dodging and Burning
S    1-2        The Power of Color
Which sessions have you attended and liked?
Which sessions are you most looking forward too?
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Photoshop World 2008 – $100 Discount Until 8/1

Photoshop World is coming to he Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, September 4-6, 2008.
Held annually on the east and west coasts, Photoshop World is the official convention of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. NAPP is the largest digital imaging and design association worldwide with more than 70,000 members in 105 countries. It’s the leading resource for Adobe Photoshop training, education and news. Now in its 10th year, Photoshop World is the largest Photoshop educational event in the world. There’s something for every type and skill level of Photoshop user. If you want to get up to speed on the latest developments in a short time, there’s no better place to do it. Dont’ miss the opening keynote session – there are always special announcements and previews of exciting upcoming developments.
The cost of this amazing event is $599 for members and $699 for nonmembers. (I highly recommend you become a member, even if you aren’t able to attend PhotoshopWorld.) You can get a $100 discount by registering before August 1.
It’s three days of world-class training by the best in the creative industry lead by Scott Kelby, NAPP president and the world’s bestselling computer and technology book author. This year’s conference offers the biggest and most comprehensive conference schedule. Attendees will choose from 100 classes taught by 40 of the best and most creative industry experts and instructors, including Jack Davis, Julieanne Kost, Jay Maisel, Joe McNally, Dan Margulis, Vincent Versace, Jeff Schewe, Ben Wilmore and many, many more.
I’ll be presenting in four sessions – the pre-con Epson Print Academy (Wednesday pm), The Fine Art of Digital (Friday pm), The Power of Color (Saturday am) and Drawing With Light(Saturday am).
You can see video highlights here.
You can see the complete list of instructors and their sessions here.
Find out more about all of my seminars here.