The Art Of Visual Storytelling


What makes your images yours is your point of view. To find your voice tell your story.


Plan Your Story


Storytelling (2010) | .99 | Free to Members
Every picture tells a story.

Make Plans (2011)|.99Free to Members
Increase your productivity and fulfillment by making a plan.

Define a Project (2008) |  .99 | Free to Members
Focus your creative efforts and create an action list to achieve your goals.

Developing Personal Projects (2011) |Free
Defining a project is one of the single best ways to develop your body of work.

Keep Current Projects Visible (2011) | Free
What kinds of visual reminders would be helpful to you?

Review The Past Year (2012) | Free
At the beginning of every year I review the accomplishments of the past year.

The Benefits Of Selecting Your Top Images (2016) | Free
You’ll learn a great deal about your vision when you perform an annual image review.


Work Your Story


Making Virtual Contact Sheets (2014) / Free | B&H
Watch your thoughts develop faster and more clearly with collections.
Finding Your Best Work (2008) | .99 | Free to Members
Find your best work efficiently.

Sleepers & Keepers (2012) | Free
Our strongest images combine immediate impact and staying power.

A Singular Image (2008) | .99 | Free to Members
Identify the superstars in your work.

A Dominant Impression (2006) | .99 | Free to Members
How to find the “Dominant Impression” in your work.

A Train of Thought (2007) | .99 | Free to Members
Look for the ways you approach making photographs and think visually.

A Body of Work (2008) | .99 | Free to Members
Bodies of work add depth to and extend ways of seeing.

Outliers (2012) | Free
They’re the images that don’t fit neatly into a body of work.

7 Benefits Of Returning To Locations (2012) | Free
With so many wonderful places, why return to the same location more than once?


Structuring Your Story


Photoessay (2010) | .99 | Free to Members
Expand your storytelling process.

Storyboarding (2011) | .99 | Free to Members
Create a guiding structure to help focus and strengthen your work.

Continuity (2011) | .99 | Free to Members
Continuity lies at the heart of the art of storytelling.

Arranging (2008) | .99 | Free to Members
Sequence your work for impact and clarity.

Transitions (2008) | .99 | Free to Members
Use transitions successfully to move from one image/idea to another.


Expanding Your Story


Variation (2009) | .99 | Free to Members
Learn key strategies for expanding your work.

Combination (2009) | .99 | Free to Members
Create synergy between existing elements in your images.

Reversal (2009) | .99 | Free to Members
Use reversal to open new doors in your creative process.


Your Next Story

Your Next Story  | Coming


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