The Art Of Visual Storytelling

To find your voice tell your story.


Plan Your Story


Every Picture Tells A Story
There are countless kinds of stories to tell and ways to tell them.

Make Plans    Free to Members
Increase your productivity and fulfillment by making a plan.

Define a Project    Free to Members
Focus your creative efforts and create an action list to achieve your goals.

Developing Personal Projects
Defining a project is one of the single best ways to develop your body of work.

Keep Your Current Projects Visible
What kinds of visual reminders would be helpful to you?

Perform An Annual Creative Review
At the beginning of every year I review the accomplishments of the past year.

The Benefits Of Performing An Annual Image Review
You’ll learn a great deal about your vision when you perform an annual image review.

The Benefits Of Selecting Your Top Images
Find your current best works and compare them to your past.


Discover & Develop Your Story


Finding Your Best Work  Free to Members
Find your best work efficiently.
Sleepers & Keepers
Our strongest images combine immediate impact and staying power.
Singular Images    Free to Members
Identify the superstars in your work.
A Dominant Impression    Free to Members
How to find the “Dominant Impression” in your work.
A Train of Thought    Free to Members
Look for the ways you approach making photographs and think visually.
A Body of Work    Free to Members
Bodies of work add depth to and extend ways of seeing.
They’re the images that don’t fit neatly into a body of work.
7 Benefits Of Returning To Locations
With so many wonderful places, why return to the same location more than once?


Structure Your Story


3 Great Books On Photographic Contact Sheets

Develop your thoughts faster and more clearly with collections.
Use The Power Of Storyboarding To Structure Your Photographic Explorations
Create a guiding structure to help focus and strengthen your work.
Use Storyboards To Improve Your Lightroom Collections | Coming
Create sequences to find what’s missing and new opportunities.

Use The 8 Classic Shots Of Photo Essays To Tell Better Stories
Find more shots and tell more of your story with this structure.
How you present your images can be as important as which ones you select.

4 Tools You Can Use To Control Focus And Flow When Sequencing Your Images
Use the power of cuts, pans, zooms, and fades.

6 Tools You Can Use To Improve Continuity Between Still Images
How you present your images can be as important as which ones you select.

6 Image Cuts To Avoid At All Costs | Coming
… unless you want to focus on them.
Transitions | Coming Soon
How you get there is just as important as where you arrive.

Expand Your Story


How To Strike Up A Lively Conversation With Your Images
Not sure where to go or what to do? Ask your images!

Discover and develop underlying qualities and themes.

Work on more than one level simultaneously.

Variation    Free to Members
Find many ideas or turn one idea into many variations.

Combination    Free to Members
Create synergy between existing elements in your images.

Use reversal to open new doors in your creative process.

Break The Rules
Unlock new creative possibilities.


Find Your Next Story


Your Next Story  | Coming


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