Arches - Canyonlands - Goblin Valley - Utah

Location: Arches National Park, Utah

Dates: TBD

Tuition: $2,500

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Class Size:  Limited to 12 participants

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This is a Digital Photo Destinations workshop. Caponigro Arts & D-65 discounts do not apply.


In this digital photograph workshop you'll discover some of the most dramatic geologic marvels of the American desert southwest. Arches National Park is truly a wonderland of sheer cliffs, lofty spires, and vaulting arches; Petrified Dunes, Balancing Rock, The Windows, Delicate Arch, Wall Street, Devils Garden, Fiery Furnace, and Garden of Eden are only a few of the locations we'll visit. Canyonlands National Park high plateaus offer countless bird's eye views of the entire region's many stone canyons and spires. Goblin Valley National Monument contains some of the most unusual and eerie hoodoos clay formations you'll ever see - in low light, you'd swear they move. Nearby river gorges and slot canyons offer even more photographic opportunities. The weather's great. The light's gorgeous. Plan to spend extra time before or after the workshop - though we'll see the highlights, you simply can't see it all and will want to return again and again. This is must see landscape - among the most fantastic you'll see anywhere on the planet.

Visit the National Park Services Arches website.
Visit the National Park Services Canyonlands website.

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Produce a personal project in one week.

Can it be done? Absolutely. We'll show you how. You'll leave with a body of work and the skills to do it again and again.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to develop your personal vision at exotic locations in a supportive community. The seminars and group feedback are as important as the locations. We'll help you grow your existing skills and talents revealing new ways of seeing and thinking that will energize and strengthen your authentic creative voice. You'll leave more versatile, focused, and inspired.

Limited to 12 participants and guided by 2 very different pros (John Paul Caponigro & Seth Resnick - DPD) this workshop offers individual guidance while stimulating an active dialog amid a diverse group of participants. There's nothing else like it!

Raw Creativity Workshop Series

This workshop series is designed to help you take your personal creativity to the next level.

We recommend this sequence; The Art Of Creativity (define your vision), The Art Of Processing (refine your style), Personal Project - Destination (put your new skills into action), Perfect Your Project (get ready to release your work effectively).

Do you have to take the other workshops first? No. But they will help - enormously.


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