Choosing Your Workshop


Which of my workshops is right for you?

Which of these best describes where you’re looking for and where you are now?


Take one of my Field workshops.

I want to make photographs in exotic locations at the best times.

I want to share the adventure with people who share my interests and be inspired by them.

I want to explore my personal vision and style by making new images.

I want to learn more about personal project development.

I want to learn to tell visual stories in my own authentic ways.

I want to learn more about editing and sequencing. 

I want to learn more about composition.

I want to get a taste for how processing can enhance my creative expression.

I’d like to learn to make pictures about things rather than of things.


Take my Creativity workshops.

I want to learn to be more creative.

I want to be able to see more possibilities, make more connections, and generate more ideas.

I make a lot of photographs but I’m not sure what I do best and I’d like to know.

I’d like to get a better sense of what’s unique about my vision and style.

I’d like to learn how to align my style with my vision.

I want to get more out of my files in ways that feel right to me.

I’m willing to be less productive and more reflective during the workshop knowing it will pay big dividends when I shoot, develop, and print later.


Take my Printing Studio workshop.

I’m comfortable with Lightroom.

I’m new to Photoshop.

I’m new to printing.

I want to learn the fundamentals really well with lots of hands-on practice.

I have the basics down and I want to make time to print a project while getting lots of professional feedback while I’m doing it.


Take my Printing Intermediate or B&W Mastery workshop.

I’m comfortable with Lightroom and Photoshop.

I’ve studied it but color management is still a bit of a mystery to me.

My Photoshop selection and masking skills need improvement.

I’d like feedback on individual images, print by print.

I’d like to leave feeling confident I know what to look for in prints and how to use the tools to get the best results possible.


Take my Printing Advanced workshop.

I’ve got most of the go-to tools down but I want to learn new tools and use them all in more creative and personal ways.

I can make a technically good print but I want to make my printing more personal.

I’d like to clarify my personal style and use tools in ways that enhance it.

I’m ready for a portfolio review and will use that information to guide my future progress during this workshop and into my future.

I want to master printing.


Take my Private or Semi-Private workshops.

I have specific questions I want answered.

I want to go at my own pace. 

I want to learn at a time that fits my busy schedule.


Space is limited.