1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency.
How well do you see color?
Find out!
It’s quick and free!
X-Rite has taken the Farnsworth-Munsell color test online.
Take it here!

How well did you do?
Comment here!

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  • I actually found that quite hard. It’s a worry 🙂 I got 32 though. I hope thats at least average…

    Great blog BTW. Been reading for a year or so now. When will you be in Scotland ?



  • Jim Goshorn

    Got a perfect 0 and I guess at 50+ I ought to be happy 🙂

    i check your blog regularly as you have very interesting stuff here.


  • stefanie_s

    You have perfect color vision! At least on the second try… I went right through it at first and I got a 3. So, figured one “patch” of tiles were out of place. Hit back gave a closer look and voila. Age 50 here so I guess it’s not too bad.

    As previously said, you always have something interesting here. I find the reading I do here provokes me to contemplate how to achieve what my inner self sees with my art. The way you put things leads me to look further, listen better and speak more clearly. Thank you.

  • Tim Thompson

    I managed a 4 and I’m mail and 54 years old. I think I missed something in the last one, maybe bored by then, who knows. I’m happy with a 4.

  • Tim Thompson

    Of course, I meant male and not mail. 🙂

  • Go figure I got a 47! Ill have to try again with glasses instead of contacts and report my findings. Would also be interesting to do it with actual pieces of paper instead of staring intensely at my monitor for way too long. interesting exercise.

  • bishop

    i got a 4… i messed up on the very last colors cause i got impatient! haha!

  • pam

    50+ female, got an 8 on my laptop, and not yet awake (blame Fay). Anybody tried this on both laptop and separate, LCD monitor? Wonder what the difference would be.

  • Mike

    My wife got a score of 7 (and we won’t discuss her age). But then, she teaches colour workshops, so that’s probably a good thing.

  • got a 4 on the first try…

  • virgil em

    Took the test on my laptop and got a perfect 0:). I have to say that it’s also a matter of patience:))
    Thanks a lot for the link!


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