Photography's Changed – Again

Here’s an excerpt from my first post on Huffington Post.
“Photography’s constant move towards ease, speed, economy, and ubiquity continues today and it has recently reached a new critical apex.
In the first decade of the 21st century, Apple released the iPhone (2007) and a host of independent applications followed, designed to preview, make, process, enhance, and distribute photographs in seconds. Photography just got easier, faster, less expensive, and more ubiquitious …
When did you discover you can do this?
5-15 seconds     Make and save image
15-30 seconds  Process an image
15-30 seconds  Comment on an image and transmit it to others
15-30 seconds  Find other people’s images
15-30 seconds Comment on other people’s images or put them to other uses
In about a minute you can make, process, comment on, and distribute an image. It can take you a similar amount of time to do the same with someone else’s image.
If you haven’t done it yet, try it now. I just did. Doing this will change the way you experience and think about photography …”
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  • Guy Tal

    09.03.2010 at 08:10 Reply

    Very true. Of course, the ultimate test will be in how these new freedoms end up used or abused. In almost every field, a great liberation goes hand in hand with great resistance from a conservative opposition.
    We are sure to see more and more images as the technology becomes ever more accessible. While some might say that this will cause a dilution in quality, I think it will actually help separate the wheat from the chaff. Any statistician will tell you that the larger the sample, the more significant the conclusion.
    To the creative artist, more freedom means more opportunity. Yet, the same freedom can also be a bane for the undisciplined.

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