Creative Composition

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Use these compositional strategies to strengthen your unique style.


Tools Not Rules | Coming

How To Uncover The Soul Of Personal Composition | Coming

Repertoire | Coming

Use Gestalt Psychology To Make Stronger Compositions


3 Great Books On Abstraction

Why Defocussing Your Images Will Help You See Them Better


How To Use An Image’s Frame Effectively & Expressively

How To Control The Proportion Of Your Images’ Frames Expressively

How To Think Outside Your Photographs’ Frames – It’s Not Just For Panoramas

4 Ways To Divide Your Images’ Frames Expressively


3 Ways To Crop Your Images – Crop, Distort, Retouch

2 Ways To Crop Non-Destructively – See What You’re Missing

7 Tips To Help You Crop Your Photographs Better

4 Alternatives To Cropping Your Photographs


5 Powerful Ways You Can Use Space In Your Images

Point, Line, Shape, Plane, Volume  | Coming

Simplicity / Complexity | Coming

Pattern | Coming

Accent / Counterpoint | Coming

Balance / Imbalance | Coming

Flow | Coming

Proportion | Coming

Number | Coming

Position | Coming

Scale | Coming

Alignment | Coming

Perspective | Coming


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