Creative Sharpening – Double Pass & Hybrid

Different sharpening techniques make the world look different. A world of difference can be seen between the thin hard line of Unsharp Mask and the broad feathered line of High Pass Sharpening.Can you choose a combination of both? Yes, you can! You can choose the texture of one, the halo of another, and the line of yet another, applying them either globally or selectively. You can customize the look and feel of detail in any image or image area with astonishing precision and flexibility.

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  • Lenscraft

    03.05.2012 at 17:29 Reply

    This is another good idea that I haven’t seen anywhere else. One approach I had been using was to apply a high pass sharpening layer, typically with an Overlay blending mode then sharpen the high pass layer. It seems to add an extra kick to some of the fine detail.
    You have some great sharpening articles. Thanks for making them available.

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