Photoshop Masking Key Commands

Photoshop key commands make masking faster and easier. Here’s a list of  the most useful ones. The best way to memorize them is to use them. (Note for PC substitute Alt for Option.)
The following key commands do not require clicking on the mask.
X                               reverses Foreground and Background colors
Numbers                    number keys change the Opacity of a brush
[ and ]                       makes a brush smaller and  larger
Shift [ and Shift ]       makes a brush softer and  harder
Opt Delete                  fills a mask with the Foreground color
Command I                inverts a mask
The following key commands require clicking on the mask.
Control Click                        displays mask options
Opt Click                              displays a mask in black and white
Shift Opt Click                      displays a mask as a red overlay
Command Click                    loads the mask as a selection
Shift Command Click            adds the mask to a selection
Option Command Click          subtracts the mask from a selection
Shift Option Command          loads the intersection of two masks
Shift Command I                   inverses a selection
Drag & drop                           to move a mask from one layer to another
Option drag & drop                to copy a mask from one layer to another
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