The Art Of Selections & Masking

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Mastering selections and masking will help you take your images to the next level.


1. Local Adjustments In Lightroom and Camera Raw | Coming Soon

2. When To Use Lightroom’s Local Adjustment Tools | Coming Soon

3. Why Photoshop’s Local Adjustment Capabilities Are Superior To Lightroom’s | Coming Soon

4. Photoshop’s Marquee Tools 
Quick rectangular and elliptical selections.

5. Photoshop’s Lasso Selection Tools 
Go to drawing tools for irregular selections.

6. Photoshop’s Magic Wand & Quick Selection Tools 
Let Photoshop do the work for you.

7. Two Keys To Combine All Of Photoshop’s Tools 
Easily add or subtract from selections.

8. Viewing Masks 
You can see a mask in a number of ways.

9. Mask Key Commands
Key commands make masking and selections faster and easier.

10. Painting The Simplest & Most Useful Masks In Photoshop 

11. Photoshop’s Quick Mask Combines All Selection And Brush Tools

12. Eight Useful Tips For Brushing Masks In Photoshop 

13. How To Make Masking Easier With Photoshop 

14. Gradient Masks

15. Fine Tuning Gradients 
Fine tune your gradients with masking techniques.

16. Masking Hue 

17. Masking Saturation 

18. Masking Luminosity 

19. Contour Masks 

21. Edge Masks

22  Combining Masks | Coming Soon

23  Frame (11/10) | .99
Make your images stronger by locally adjusting the frame.

24  Points (11/10) | .99
Make your images stronger by locally adjusting points.

25  Lines (11/10) | .99
Make your images stronger by locally adjusting lines.

26  Planes (11/10) | .99
Make your images stronger by locally adjusting planes.


27. Video – Photoshop Masking Key Commands

28. Video – Photoshop Making 2 Masks For 1 Layer

29. Video – Photoshop Feathering Selections  & Masks

30. Video – Photoshop Combining Gradient Masks 


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