The APPOS iPhone App Awards & Photo Contest

The APPOS iPhone Awards & Photo Contest
It starts right now! Literally.
7 am PST January 15 it opens.
It closes 7 pm PDT March 22.
Enter now, enter tomorrow, enter as often as you like – it’s free.
Vote for your favorite images and Apps.
Images must be taken and processed with iPhones and iPhone Apps only.
1    $1000 Adorama Gift Certificate
10  Wacom Tablets
15  Canon Wireless Printers
30  $100 Adorama Gift Certificates
25  $50 Apple App Store Gift Cards
Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, Eric Meola Moose Peterson, Syl Arena, Boomer & Carton
You can vote for and comment on entries.
You can even vote for your favorite photo App.
Find out more about the contest and see the entries here.

Darius Himes – Inside Photography Book Now on PhotoEye

PBN’s lead judge, Darius Himes, co-founder of Radius Books, is interviewed by photo-eye Director, Rixon Reed.
Here are a few choice excerpts.
“Creating a successful book involves editing and sequencing and design all in light and in line with an overriding concept that has to be determined ahead of time. Asking yourself ahead of time, “Who is this book for?” and “What am I trying to accomplish with this book?” is extremely important.
I think that print-on-demand books have become so popular for two main reasons. First, they open up a major industry to the amateur: publishing. For the average American, it’s novel and fun to take your photos and lay them out in a book, push a button and a week later get something that looks pretty professional. That’s fun!
For the photography “professional” or art photographer, it’s also fun, but in a slightly more serious way. Most photographers dream of seeing their work in print (for a variety of reasons) and this technology opens up a whole world to them. It’s the publishing world made accessible.
But what most photographers don’t realize is that there are a whole host of people in the publishing world that work hard behind the scenes on different aspects of books, and when those people aren’t included—designers, editors, typographers, marketers, and distributors—they often end up with an inferior product.
Printing a book with an offset printer is different than using the HP Indigo printing process that is currently the standard for print-on-demand books … If you expect a print-on-demand book to look like, or have the range of materials, that an offset printed book has, you’ll be disappointed. … each has their advantages and disadvantages.
There’s no print-on-demand “author” that has sold 1000s of copies of their book (that I’m aware of). If they had, they would have made more money using offset printing and selling the project to a publisher. Again, it’s the quantity game.”
Read the whole interview on photo-eye.
Check out photo-eye.
Check out Radius books.
Check out PBN and Blurb. Digital Imaging Competition Winners

DoubleExposure magazine has announced the winners of’s Digital Imaging Competition.
“Several months ago we announced our Digital Imaging competition, with two categories: Photo Illustration, which was judged by fine-art photographer/Adobe Photoshop expert John Paul Caponigro; and Straight Photography, judged by the Director of the George Eastman House, Tony Bannon. The quality of the hundreds of entries in each category that we received was truly incredible!”
The results are in! See the images here! Photography / Imaging Contest

I’ll be co-judging this year’s Photography and Digital Imaging Competition.
Here’s more information.
May 1, 2009
Entry Fee
$25 for the first image, all additional images – $10 (up to 5)
Open to everyone 18 years of age or older except where prohibited by law.
Over $17,000 in prizes
Selected images will appear on the covers and inside the pages of After Capture and Rangefinder magazines.
Two Categories
Straight Photography/Lightly Manipulated
Defined as generally straight photography with minimal or no graphics software enhancement.
Judged by Dr. Anthony Bannon, Director, George Eastman House.
Photo Illustration/Manipulated
Applies to images having undergone significant graphics software manipulation.
Judged by John Paul Caponigro, fine artist.
View the Complete List of Awards and Competition Rules here.

Winners Announced – 4th Annual Photoshop User Awards

First and Only Worldwide Competition for Adobe Photoshop Users

TAMPA, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) announced the winners of its 4th annual Photoshop® User Awards – the first and only worldwide competition for Adobe® Photoshop® users. Winners were selected from more than 700 entries from 12 countries. Finalists in each of the 11 categories also competed for Best of Show to win an all expense paid, five-day trip for two to Barcelona, Spain.
NAPP president Scott Kelby and Photoshop User magazine art director Felix Nelson chaired the judging panel for this year’s competition.
Winning images can be viewed at
Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Consider entering your work for 2010!

Photography.Book.Now Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of Blurb’s Photography.Book.Now contest.
The winning photographers and their books are …
– Grand Prize:                            Beth Dow, In The Garden
– Category Winner, Themed:       Jonathan Smith, The Bridge Project
– Category Winner, General:       Talia Chetrit, Reading
– First Runner-up, Themed:        Cara Phillips, Singular Beauty
– First Runner-up, General:         John Lehr, Something is Happening
– Second Runner-up, Themed:    Panar, Johnstown / Lowy, Iraq Perspectives (tie)
– Second Runner-up, General:     Michael Corridore, Roadworks
Which Blurb books you enjoy most? Comment here!
Find out about the contest here.
Check out all the winners and the honorable mention and preview their books online.
Check out my Blurb book Antarctica here.

Blurb – People's Choice Awards

Blurb received over 2,000 entries for their recent Photography.Book.Now contest. Winners will be announced September 10th.
They’ve just added an additional award – the People’s Choice Award – so you have a chance to let the world know who you think is the best of the best. Voting is open through September 10th.
Here’s how it works.
You can vote for one book, and one book only. Just go to the Photography.Book.Now bookstore to see all the work, then click on the voting button under your favorite book. (The button’s big and orange, should be pretty easy to spot.) Want to stack the deck for your top choice? We have some tools to make it easy for you to spread the word. You can download an image to forward along in emails, or grab a People’s Choice voting badge for your website or blog by clicking here to save the file. Once you cast your vote, you can also send a note directly from the bookstore to bring your people right back to your top choice.
The winner of the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the Awards Ceremony in San
Francisco on September 19th. Pick up your tickets here. The prize? They’re keeping that one a secret. Who doesn’t love a little surprise?
Check out my book entry Antarctica here.
If you like it, I’d appreciate your vote!