What’s The Difference Between Photoshop’s Opacity VS Flow VS Fill?

Opacity, Flow, Fill – what is the difference? Explore the special situations where Fill acts differently from Opacity in Photoshop. Learn various applications for color grading and special effects, plus find out how to use Blend If and Fill Layers to control them.

Explore Photoshop’s Amazing New Retouching Solution – The Remove Tool

“Explore a revolutionary new tool in Photoshop to remove complex objects extremely easily! Compare it with other tools and functions like the Content-Aware Fill. Test how it repairs artifacts and does the clean-up after the fill.”

Enjoy A Global Survey Of Sacred Places In Chris Rainier’s New Book


Chris Rainier’s new book Sacred offers a soulful global survey of sacred places.

While there are portraits (what Chris is best known for) of the people in the cultures who grow out of and make places more sacred through their practices, this collection of images focuses more on the monuments and artifacts left behind and includes places that have been minimally impacted by and in a few cases places that have never been inhabited by humans. The mysteries of time permeate this work, rooted in the present and looking both back and time and toward an uncertain future.

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Free Webinar Nov 22 – The Wonderful Things Printing Can Do For You & Your Images

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The Wonderful Things Printing Can Do For You & Your Images

What can prints do for you and your images? Let me count the ways!

Learn what to look for in good prints and how to make yours great.

Find out about the many ways you can use prints to improve your art and its success.

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How to Use the Clone, Heal, and Content Aware Remove Healing In Lightroom Classic


In this video you’ll discover how to use the Clone, Heal, and Content-Aware Remove healing modes in Lightroom Classic to quickly remove dust spots, imperfections and distracting elements in a photograph.


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How To Fix Photos With Bad Lighting Using Photoshop’s Neural Filter Colorize


Use Photoshop’s Neural Filter Colorize to remove color casts and fix photos with bad lighting.



Seven Tips for Making Basic Selections in Photoshop

“In this video, you’ll learn seven helpful tips, tricks, and shortcuts for making basic selections in Photoshop.”

2021 In Review – The World’s Best Photographs


Enjoy viewing 2021’s top photography collections!



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