How To Boost AI Resolution In Photoshop

“Solve the lack of resolution in Generative AI in Photoshop. Colin Smith shows the new Enhance image feature as well as explains what it does. See how to get full resolution in any image in Photoshop Generative Fill.”

00:00 Generative AI in Photoshop is powerful but struggles with resolution.
00:23 Use the Crop tool and Generative Expand to extend images, but the resolution may drop.
00:52 Zooming in reveals the loss of resolution in generated areas.
01:16 New feature in Photoshop beta enhances image details, improving resolution but not perfectly.
01:43 Demonstration with a cat image shows resolution enhancement using Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw.
02:34 Super Resolution doubles the image size, similar to other upscaling software.
03:29 Generative fill generates up to 1024×1024 pixels, requiring enlargement for larger spaces.
04:22 Convert to a layer and use the rectangular marquee tool for better transparent expansion.
05:18 Generate in pieces to achieve full resolution, suitable for printing.
06:14 Create an action to automate the process for consistent high-resolution results.

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How To Choose & Execute A Photo Project In Essay Form

“Photography communicates best when it tells a story and is presented in an essay form. In this Zoom class, David Brommer will use examples of his personal work as well as of other select artists to illustrate excellence in photo essay form. Concept, execution, and presentation will be discussed, as well as “project think tanking” in the Q&A following the lesson. This class will benefit Photographers who want to deepen their commitment to the art or those looking for an inspirational shot in the arm!”

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10 Tips To Help You Master Layer Masks In Adobe Photoshop

“In this video, Julieanne demonstrates ten essential shortcuts for working with Layer Masks, including how to add, delete, invert, move, reposition, copy, target, disable, change the density, and add a non-destructive feather to soften the edges of a mask.”

Follow up with her fundamentals of working with layers.

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How To Update To Photoshop 2024 – All Your Questions Answered

Colin Smith answers all your questions about updating to Photoshop 2024 … and shows you how to fix common problems.

00:00 Intro
00:16 Are Adobe charging for Generative Fill’s Generative credits?
02:55 Is the resolution still limited to 1024 x 1024?
04:57 Can I uninstall beta?
05:49 Is it version 25 or 2024?
06:32 Where are my Presets and Plugins etc?
07:08 Keep old version for Plugin Compatibility
07:33 How to get back an old version of Photoshop
8:14 Run the correct version
08:31 Missing Tools
9:15 Open the correct version of Photoshop from Lightroom

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How To Use Simultaneous Contrast To Make Colors Even More Lively

Composed of two complementary color families (yellow and blue); one is light and the other dark, while one is warm and the other is cool. Together, they increase each other's intensity.

Simultaneous Contrast

You can make a color appear more lively by changing it or by changing the colors around it. Even though it remains unchanged, we see it differently. Color context can be almost as important as individual color.

These effects are part physics (measurable qualities of light), part biology (what our brains do to enhance information to better perceive the world), and part psychology (our subjective responses). While the phenomena and our responses to them are complex, we can use a few simple dynamics to produce striking effects.

The colors in the center are the same but appear different because of the colors that surround them.

A lighter surround makes a color appear darker - and vice versa.

A warmer surround makes a color appear cooler - and vice versa.

A saturated surround makes a color appear more neutral - and vice versa.

Find more on Simultaneous Contrast and Color Theory here.

3 Types Of Contrast

Luminosity, hue, and saturation, the three elements of color, offer three types of contrast to choose from.

Changes in luminosity make colors feel lighter or heavier.
Use Curves. How To Master Color Adjustment With Curves

Changes in hue bring warm and cool associations with them.
Use Curves. 4 Ways To Enhance Color Temperature In Your Images

Changes in saturation increase or decrease vibrance.
Use Saturation and/or Vibrance. How To Master Saturation In Your Images

All three, either individually or collectively, can make a color appear nearer or farther away.

Atmospheric perspective enhances the illusion of depth; lighter, warmer, more saturated colors appear closer.

Sometimes, you want to select the element you change carefully to create a specific effect.

Other times, you just want separation, and any kind of contrast will do. For maximum effect, change all three elements as much as you can while still maintaining a realistic appearance.

Nearby, Adjacent, Surrounding

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Delight Your Taste Buds When You Explore The Fabulous Maine Oyster Trail

“Like fine wines, oysters take on the qualities of the environment in which they’re raised. Water temperature, salinity, season, the geology of the watershed, currents, tides, and growing methods work together to produce oysters that are unique to each of Maine’s farms.

While no two varieties are identical, there are some common threads that make Maine oysters a shuck above the rest. With nearly 3,500 miles of pristine, rugged coastline, Maine is the perfect place to cultivate and harvest the best oysters on Earth. Our cold, salty ocean water is rich in nutrients that oysters love, giving Maine oysters a crisp, briny, buttery, sweet flavor.

The Maine Oyster Trail is the first interactive, incentive-based oyster trail in the U.S. and features more than 80 Maine oyster businesses, each of which offers one-of-a-kind experiences. The Trail’s interactive trip planner allows you to build your own custom trail based on different types of experiences and regions you’re interested in checking out.”

Explore the Maine Oyster Trail here.


Find great selections of oysters at the following restaurants.

Rockport, Maine – 18 Central

Rockland, Maine – North Beacon Oyster

Boothbay Harbor, Maine – Mine Oyster

Portland, Maine – Eventide

Portland, Maine – Maine Oyster Company


Have Maine oysters shipped from the Harbor Fish Market.

Find more Maine resources here.

How To Master The Newly Updated Gradient Tool In Adobe Photoshop

“In this video, you’ll discover tips and tricks to master the new, non-destructive Gradient tool in Photoshop, including how to make the most out of the on-screen editing controls, working with Gradient Fill layers, new options on the Properties panel, working with Layer Masks, changing gradient Types, Quick Actions, and more!”

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Crazy Easy Way To Fix Mask Edges In Lightroom & Camera Raw

Colin Smith shows you how to remove halos and improve edges on your masks.

What’s The Difference Between Photoshop’s Opacity VS Flow VS Fill?

Opacity, Flow, Fill – what is the difference? Explore the special situations where Fill acts differently from Opacity in Photoshop. Learn various applications for color grading and special effects, plus find out how to use Blend If and Fill Layers to control them.