Seven Tips for Making Basic Selections in Photoshop

“In this video, you’ll learn seven helpful tips, tricks, and shortcuts for making basic selections in Photoshop.”

Cool Multi-Color Effect Using RGB Channels In Photoshop


Learn a bunch of creative effects you can apply using three simple checkboxes. My favorite use is to light an object from three different angles and then combine the three images into a colorful result.

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2021 In Review – The World’s Best Photographs


Enjoy viewing 2021’s top photography collections!



Al Jazeera

AP News


Atlantic Top 25


BBC Sports



CNN Historic

CNN Drone

The Guardian

National Geographic

National Geographic 10 Memorable

National Geographic – Travel

New York Times

New Yorker


TIME’s Top 100

Time Top 10


Washington Post

Washington Post The Year Of Endurance

World Press



NANPA Nature


CNN Wildlife

CNN Comedy Wildlife

The Guardian Wildlife

The Guardian Ocean

National Geographic – Animals

National Geographic – Science

Nature Best Science

Atlantic Close-up

Reuters – Animals

Reuters – Environment

CNN Environment


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How To Color Grade Images With Gradient Maps In Photoshop

Colin Smith shows you how to use gradient maps to add stunning color effects to your photos instantly and where to find the hidden treasure of gradients that ship with Photoshop.

0:00 Using the Gradient Map

1:22 What a Gradient Map does

2:03 How to make the Gradient Map look great

2:56 Accessing Photoshop’s Gradients

4:34 Creating photographic effects

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Photographer Dorothea Lange – A Visual Life

“Excerpts from the film, Dorothea Lange: A Visual Life. The film was produced and directed by Meg Partridge,(1994).This film is an engaging and penetrating look at a life devoted to photography, profiling the life and work of an artist who recorded some of the most evocative photographic images of the 20th century. Dorothea Lange’s artistic achievements and untiring investigations into the diversity of American life and culture are presented through interviews with her sons and assistants.”

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