X-Rite i1Photo Pro

“The long awaited day is here!  X-Rite i1 Professional solutions, which includes the new i1Photo Pro, are now available. Each solution features the all-new i1Profiler software application designed to delivers superior color results!  i1Profiler is driven by a new color engine, sports a dual mode interface (basic and advanced) and new quality assurance features, plus so much more. The new i1Photo Pro was designed specifically for discerning photographers to attain the highest quality color results and color control throughout your complex digital photo workflow, at a very attractive price.
The new portfolio is comprised of three software/hardware/target bundles ­– i1Basic Pro, i1Photo Pro, i1Publish Pro – and i1Publish, a software/target solution. All four feature groundbreaking new i1Profiler software technology designed to accommodate all levels of proficiency and expertise, and provide the power and control needed to create the highest quality color profiles. The new PANTONE Color Manager color swatch bridging software,  ColorChecker Proof, a new ColorChecker target for direct viewing analysis against a printed target and ColorChecker camera calibration system are also featured.
Upgrade packages are available for those who have i1Pro devices as well as MonacoPROFILER 4 and ProfileMaker 5 users. Read more about the upgrade opportunities and review the features of i1Profiler software at www.xritephoto.com.”
The advances in software make every function more precise.
Printer profiling takes a major leap forward with easy to make light temperature and image specific profiles.
If you haven’t invested in X-Rite technology do it now.
If you have, upgrade now.
This is a major upgrade that all users should seriously consider.
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Optical Illusion – Silencing – Motion Silences Change

Silencing is an optical illusion that shows motion (of objects or the eyes) makes it harder to notice changes in appearance. What once appeared dynamic appear static. Silencing affects changes in color, brightness, size, and shape.
Play the movie while looking at the small white speck in the center of the ring. At first, the ring is motionless and it’s easy to tell that the dots are changing color. When the ring begins to rotate, the dots suddenly appear to stop changing. But in reality they are changing the entire time.

Motion silences awareness of color changes from Jordan Suchow on Vimeo.

Motion silences awareness of brightness changes from Jordan Suchow on Vimeo.

Motion silences awareness of size changes from Jordan Suchow on Vimeo.

Motion silences awareness of shape changes from Jordan Suchow on Vimeo.

These demos were created by Jordan Suchow (suchow@fas.harvard.edu) and George Alvarez, and first appeared in a paper in Current Biology.
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Epson R3000 Photo Printer

Epson recently announced a new addition to it’s line of photo printers.
It’s a smaller version of the Epson R3880.
Epson Ultrachrome K3 with Vivid Magenta Ink Technology
13″ wide
It lists for $849.99.
Find it at B&H for $834.95 here.
Industry-leading pigment ink technology
Epson UltraChrome K3 with Vivid Magenta Ink Technology for stunning color and black-and-white prints with intense blues and violets and improved skin tones
Individual high-capacity ink cartridges
Change cartridges less often with nine 25.9 ml individual ink cartridges
Advanced Media Handling
Offers consistent, reliable performance with front-in, front-out paper path; accommodates cut-sheet and roll paper in sizes up to 13″ wide; supports photographic and fine art paper, canvas, art boards and CD/DVDs
Unparalleled connectivity
Hi-Speed USB 2.0, wireless 802.11n and 100 Mbit Ethernet support
Auto-switching Black inks
achieve the highest black density and superior contrast on glossy, matte or fine art papers from either Matte or Photo Black ink
Leading-edge image-quality architecture
Smoother color transitions and outstanding highlight and shadow detail with AccuPhoto™ HD2 imaging technology
Precision 9-color, 8-channel print head technology
Innovative MicroPiezo® AMC™, one-inch wide print head with ink-repelling coating for more accurate dot placement and reduced maintenance
Professional control
Advanced Black-and-White Photo Mode to easily create neutral or toned black-and-white prints from color or monochrome images
Learn more about the Epson R3000 here.
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Ten Things I Have Learned About The Sea – Lorenzo Fonda

ten things i have learned about the sea from lorenzo fonda on Vimeo.

Lorenzo Fonda’s video Ten Things I Have Learned About The Sea is truly moving. The haunting soundtrack sets the tone for 10 minutes of dreamy reflection.
Adobe Senior Product Manager John Nack commented that he once seriously considered joining the Navy NROTC and still feels a deep connection to the sea. He notes that the screen you’re reading this on and so many other things we use in our day to day lives all floated on the ocean to get to us.
I’ve always been drawn to the oceans. When I was in high school my mother threatened to fill up my room with water and lock the door if I got one more aquarium and it was a challenging decision for me not to pursue a career in marine biology. Having sent decades photographing the ocean and spent months at sea I still can’t tell you everything about it that attracts me or all that it means to me, which is probably one of the reasons I keep returning to it again and again.
If you don’t have 10 minutes to view the video, click read more to see Lorenzo Fonda’s list of ten things. Read More