Use Pictures to Search the Web

Google’s Goggles is a new app for their Android cell phone. You take a picture and then find out about your subject – place, landmark, book, wine, art, contact info and more. It’s currently only available for Googles Android phone, but similar things are sure to come for every cell phone. Find out more at The New York Times.
Amazon Mobile is an iPhone app that works on similar principles. You take a picture and send it to Amazon. Amazon will find the item (or the nearest item) and tell you about it and you can order it if you want to. Sometimes the results are funny! We had more than a few giggles after dinner one night when we sent in faces from everyone in the party. Not surprisingly my search came back with a book … 100 Beards. But you can use this app in physical stores and do some serious price comparisons online.

Ken Carl – Finalist for Two National Contests

Alumni Ken Carl recently placed as a finalist in PDN’s World in Focus Contest and is in the running for Bella Pictures‘ Photographer of the Year award. A long time alumn of mine who has since turned pro. Ken had this to say …
You are a keystone in my success and vision. True words, not just kind.
It has been a very powerful year beginning with a “nextstep return” the Hilo, our Next Step Exhibit in July and closing with this PDN selection. I feel strongly that my professional career is at a point of major change. There are challenges and dangers. I need to keep focused on personal projects, specifically the Olson House, so my creativity does not stagnate. There are so many images not yet seen. In my professional career has found unexpected success in the arena of photography of weddings, I am again in the running for Photographer of the Year for Bella Pictures. Calumet Photographic has invited me to do a presentation of my wedding photography in March.
Thanks again JP, looking forward to seeing you again soon.
Find out more about Ken Carl here.

Bill Atkinson Presents Photo Card

Take a photo on your iPhone, turn it into a physical postcard, and send it anywhere in the world. It can take as little as a few seconds and cost between $1.50 to $3.00.
Bill Atkinson’s iPhone App PhotoCard makes custom postcards a snap. You can send postcards of your images, not the ones everyone else sends. (Or you can use Bill’s!) The only thing your postcards will be missing is an international stamp, but then it’s not as likely to get lost in international mail or take as long to get there.
If you don’t know who Bill Atkinson is … you should.
Find out more about PhotoCard and Bill Atkinson here.

Photographer Gil Maker Becomes Partner in Gallery

Alumni Gil Maker recently became a gallery partner with 9 other photographers. He shared some insights about why and what he’s learned so far.
In 2007 I decided to take the plunge and begin showing my work.  I spent a lot of time visiting local galleries, presenting my work and waiting for answers.  One of the galleries that offered to show my work was Image City Photography Gallery. After the show I was asked if I wanted to become a partner in the gallery.  I accepted without hesitation.  My main motivation was that I did not have to try to get galleries to show my work.  We have new shows every 4 weeks and I now get to display my work without fear of a gallery saying no.
I did not join the gallery with any thought of making a profit.  In fact none of the other partners do either.  We have two goals for our gallery:
1.    A place for us to constantly show our work.
2.    To foster growth in photography and offer others a chance to have a gallery experience.
I have sold a few pieces, which is a nice extra.
What would I advice others in doing this?  First, understand that you will probably not make a living from this.  It is very hard work (as I am finding out).  We have to constantly advertise for people to show their work.  What we make per show does not cover out expenses.  But if you really love photography and want to share that love with the community, then this is one way to do it.  We have met many good photographers from Rochester, New York and have the chance to foster photographic interest in the community, make new friends and grow our own photographic aspirations.  This is one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”
See more of Gil’s work here.