Chris Alvanas – Cell Phone Photography

Chris Alvanas, a professional photographer and photo educator in Washington DC, was reluctant to show us his recent cell phone photographs during my Fine Art Digital Printing Advanced portfolio reviews. But we were all very curious, so he did. The images he showed us were spontaneous, fresh, and inventive. We looked at the images first and later asked questions about the equipment, not the other way around. We all realized, perhaps we should be taking more photographs in more places in more ways and that many of them would be useful for our personal growth and worth sharing with others. Chris made us all laugh when he said, “I took this one out of my sunroof while I was driving. Is that wrong?” So, I recommended Chris also share short insights to go with each moment. Here’s what he had to share with us.
Accidental Irony…
Attention to the small details often payoff with large returns.
Simple shape and form.
If you look for it – they will come..
It is an obligation to challenge yourself and others.
My vision – your response.
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Winners – Juried Exhibit – Elements of Water at CFAP

I had the pleasure of jurying The Center for Fine Art Photography’s upcoming exhibit – Elements of Water.
50 images were selected from over 4,000.
You can see them now online at CFAP.
Juror’s Selection – Barbara M Ventura
Juror’s Honorable Mention – Kathy Beal
Juror’ Honorable Mention – David Novak
Director’s Selection – Jennifer Trausch
Director’s Honorable Mention – Gina LeVay
Elements of Water will be on display in the Center’s online gallery and physical gallery from February 17 – March 11, 2009. The public and artists’ reception will be held in Fort Collins on March 5, 2009 from 6-9pm.

FRAGILE – Packing & Shipping Prints

Let people know your work is valuable – even when you’re not there to tell them about it. Add a label. FRAGILE. Make it look official. Buy it preprinted. Or print it yourself. Or stamp it. Make it big. It’s a mandate not a disclaimer to be hidden in small text. Make it red. Red attracts attention. Put it on both sides of a package. Make sure no one can miss it.
If you want to go the extra distance, add a second label. HANDLE WITH CARE. It’s implied when you use ‘fragile’ but it never hurts to restate your case. People will pay attention. The whole point is to remind them to be considerate. It also sends a message to the people receiving your work. This is valuable.
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