Create An Oasis of Creativity For Yourself

Try setting half an hour a day for your creative life. If you did this everyday for one year, you’d give yourself 182.5 hours, roughly the equivalent of 4.6 work weeks. As you can see, it really adds up.
Many find it helps to pay yourself first in the morning. Get up early and get more time for yourself. One advantage to setting time aside in the evening is that the amount of time you spend can often be extended. Try both. Monitor your energy, Strike a balance between what’s practical and what’s ideal for you.
Set up a space that’s ready for you to be creative (even if this is a User setting on a portable computer) and keep it organized, so you’re ready to go when you get your time and you don’t waste it organizing.
Finally, when you’re able, take a trip for a long weekend or week of total immersion. Trips can add many more valuable hours to your creative life, as well as new stimulation, new material, and a fresh perspective.
The biggest challenges are starting and sticking to a plan. Start now. You’re sure to miss a day here and there, just don’t make it a habit. Instead, make a habit of taking some time for yourself.
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22 Ways To Find Inspiration

How do I find inspiration?
Let me count my ways.

1             Walk in nature
2             Visit a new place
3             Plan a future trip
4             Read
5             Listen to music
6             Watch movies
7             Look at artwork
8             Review my finished images
9             Review my unfinished images
10           Make new images spontaneously
11            List new creative things to try
12           Try something new creatively
13           Sketch ideas
14           Free associate
15           Brainstorm
16           Meditate
17           Daydream
18           Dream
19           Play like/with a child

How do you find inspiration?
The next time that doesn’t work, try one (or more) of these things.

I recommend you practice some or all of these things regularly.
Don’t wait to run dry.
Keep yourself overflowing all the time.

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